Sunday, August 26, 2012

Helmut Newton Inspired Fetishistic Editorial/ Global Fest 2012 YYC

Newton Inspired Editorial
(photos source: OUT Fashion)
Finally got time this weekend to catch up looking over all the editorials and magazines received in my mail and cumulated on my coffee table. One of them was the September issue of OUT, where one of the editorials named Newton's Law. The photography was inspired by one of my favourite famous photographers Helmut Newton. This piece of editorial was specifically  photographed by Kai Z Feng, and styled by Grant Woolhead. Models were Thomas Skoloudik and Tucker Des Lauriers. I am quite fond with this editorial, so I decided to post it on my blog. The theme was to bring back the erotic and fetishistic atmosphere that Newton's work was best known for. I think Feng did an excellent job portraying Newton's style, and successfully highlighted the influence of a great photographer in fashion editorial.

(photos by: Binzento Vincente)
Tonight in YYC is the last night of the 2012 Global Fest, a yearly festival celebrating diverse cultures and international fireworks competition. I won't be attending tonight's festival, which Canada will showcase the final fireworks routine to end this year's festival. However, past weekend I did attend the this event with my mother, since I knew she would probably enjoy watching fireworks for team China. I've never been to the previous years' Global Fest, so I didn't know that there was actually lots more to do than just watching fireworks. Different booths (or they call them pivillions) represetned by different communities from around the world were set up to share with attendees stories, knowledge and histroy of their countries. There were also food vendors, and mini fashion tents for people to eat and shop at. I noticed many tourists especially Japanese tourists were there that evening :). I enjoyed several  performances by Brazillian girls, Indian dance, and Carribean music. The fireworks at the end was spectacular. I was quite satisfied taking my night off to go to the festival. It certainly has been a while since the last time I spent quality time with my mom. Tonight's festival should be a good one, so if you haven't been to the Global Fest yet and have time, why not go check it out? :) The website:

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