Friday, August 3, 2012

Chicago: The Shapes of Downtown/Magnificent Mile

Shapes of Chicago
Location: Downtown/Magnificent Mile
(photos by: Binzento Vincente)
Binzento Vincente spent a day in the financial district downtown, and the golden shopping district the "Magnificent Mile" in Chicago. The weather was gorgeous, making everything at ease traveling by foot. As I strolled along the streets, surrounding infrastructure and objects stimulated my cognitive senses, envisioning a series of geometric shapes. My first intention was to capture street style and fashion, but later I realized it was the combination of people, buildings, and urban behavior that really "shaped" the heart of Chicago. The selection of photos (including street style and buildings) that I took in downtown and Magnificent Mile for this post were added with geometric shapes that I imagined to enhance the arbituary experience that I had on these locations.
I was just in time for pop-art German artist Roy Lichtenstein restrospective work exhibition at The Art Institute of Chicago. Very pleased with what I saw and I will share my experience at the exhibition here soon. If you have not read, feel free to check my last Chicago blog post HERE.

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