Thursday, August 9, 2012

Center of Gravity at Kelowna - Miami Horror and Yelawolf

Kelowna: Wet Ape Presents: Center of Gravity
Miami Horror and Yelawolf
(photos by: Binzento Vincente)
Shortly after I landed home from the United States, I barely unpacked my suitcase and was already needed to prepare myself on a road trip past weekend to Kelowna for the yearly Center of Gravity (COG) event. For those who are unfamiliar what COG is, it's a huge 3 days and 3 nights of non-stop beach party with live music (including Lupe Fiasco, Miami Horror, Morgan Page, Yelawolf, Nero), beach volleyball tournaments, water sports, food trucks, basketball games and BMX shows. It attracted more than 20,000 people to attend.
COG definitely had picked the hottest weekend for this event. The day Binzento Vincente arrived was at least 35+ degrees Celsius. I was sweating just standing, and constantly replenish myself with H2O to prevent from dehydration. It was like spring break all over again, seeing bikinis and swim trunks as the fashion at the scene. There was no doubt "Jersey Shore" vibes everywhere, but who cares…I mean the weather was so intensely hot, everyone was sweating, and people trained so hard for their beach bodies. Besides that there were  hipsters too, so it was actually a very good mix of a crowd.
Binzento Vincente met Australian band Miami Horror and chatted with the boys Benjamin Plant, Aaron Shanahan and Daniel Whitechurch. It's their first time in Kelowna and I didn't think they expected the weather to be so hot there. They are currently on tour, so it was nice that they stopped by our Canadian city. When I asked about when they will release a new (2nd) album, they said they have not yet settle with the date or schedule. The boys have always come across to be quite stylish in my mind, the boys said Australian fashion is quite prominent, aside from world-known designers there are also some really talented local designs. The band's name Miami Horror came about after one of the band members' tragic experience, which I will not post it here on my blog out of respect :). Miami Horror is known for their chill, disco vibe tunes. I think it was a very good pick to have them performed at the COG where people can relax and dance off the summer heat.
Another one of the performers of COG that I got a glimpse of was Yelawolf. The American rapper was named by Esquire Magazine in 2011 as one of "Best New Rappers of the Year". People were extremely excited when he performed on stage. My favourite song that he performed was Daddy's Lambo.
I had a superb fun time at COG and met lots of great people at the beach and at the party. It was worth sacrificing my sleep and drive myself 7 hours to this beautiful place. 

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