Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Binzento Visits Dekalb

Tale of Binzento Visits
THE WEDDING: I went to my friends Marcus and Leila's wedding recently, which was held in Dekalb, Illinois in the United States. The wedding was beautiful, and I appreciate how it was simple, warm and personal. The reception was at a beautiful theatre in NIU. Marcus and Leila looked so happy and sweet together. The party didn't stop after the reception of course. A group of us including the bride and groom went to a local bar (too drunk to remember the bar name) and partied some more! The next day (recovery day), Marcus' mom invited a group of friends over to her house for BBQ (best recovery food ever). As  their wedding gift, I made a painting, which I worked on at KO's art studio here in Calgary.
DEKALB IS A MINI YYC: So I'd been to Dekalb once the year prior, but didn't realize until this trip how much similarity in lifestyle this town and my current city Calgary had. The day that I landed there was actually its summer festival, which consisted of rodeo, cowboys, and outdoor parade… sounds familar? We went to  local formal wear boutique called Ducky's to pick up tuxedos for the boys. A gentleman working at the boutique named Nick assisted us there and he is also a hockey player. As soon as I told him I travelled to Dekalb from Calgary, his response was Calgary Flames…and here I thought I could take a break from the life of a Calgarian and enjoy other scenes. 

THE AMERICAN CONFLICT: I stepped out of the shop and there were protesters blocking the store corner and across the street. Apparently they were protesting about universal healthcare, one side was Republican supporters, who liked to support the war troops, and the other side was the Liberal that wanted nothing to do with military war. I was told it became a Friday afternoon trandition that these gangs hang out there. Being the ONLY Asian in all corners, and a big fashionisto, it was hard not to capture their attention. I told them I flew in from Canada, and after a good 20 minutes conversation, I come to my conclusion that many Americans don't pay ANY attention to what's going on in the world other than the big O' USA. One of the ladies of the Republican side asked me: "Now, tell me, Canada has universal healthcare, are you guys a SOCIALIST country?". I smiled at her…paused… and said: "No, I love my healthcare, and I love Canada." Then I asked her: "You guys want to support troops, are you pro-war?". She answered: "No, those people across the street (The Liberals) think we want war, but we don't. No body wants war, all I wanted was the country to give assistance to people who are in war (because they are fighting for our country). The people across the street, are just too liberal in their thinking." Here's what confuses me, she didn't want war, neither does the "people across the street", so why are they protestiing against each other? Perhaps, America should consider work together and support one another to overcome crisis… 
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