Sunday, August 19, 2012

ArtPoint Gallery Supports Local Aspiring Artists

ArtPoint Gallery's 9th Annual Unseen Art Show
painting by: Heather Falk-Trepanier

By now, people who follow my blog should know that I am a huge HUGE supporter of local talents and aspiring artists. I believe that they deserve just as much exposure as any artists that are well established. The time and effort spent on a piece of artwork should be acknowledged, and we should really give credits to artists who contributed to flourishing our community with creativity and imaginations. ArtPoint Gallery and Studio Society YYC is known to support that concept, and their annual Unseen Art Show do just that - provide "unseen" aspiring artists a wall space in the gallery to showcase their artwork, and hopefully meet potential buyers.
There were some really great pieces at VERY good prices (considering they are original pieces). I had an opportunity to chat with some of the artists at the show. Although being an artist is not their full-time work (because it' difficult to pay the bills..), the dedication to continue with their passion is much inspiring. Here were some of the artists:

Adam Sarjeant
Karen Andrews

Heather Falk-Trepanier

Christine Bulionis

Free free to contact these artists if you find their work interest you :) ArtPoint Gallery and Studio Society hosts events regularly, so be sure to check it out for future events update! You can follow their Facebook page HERE, and browse their website HERE. And don't forget to follow my Facebook page for future events update HERE.

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