Tuesday, July 24, 2012

YYC Salsa Fest 2012

Past weekend was the annual Salsa Fest in YYC. It seems like every year, the Salsa Fest occurs at the right day of the week where the weather is gorgeous. I found this year's participating vendors at the festival weren't as interesting as the ones from last year. However, there was a noticeable increase of the number of people attended this event. In addition, I found that there was a lot more street performances this year, especially music and dance. 
Other performances include martial arts, and street paintings. Just going from one performance to another along the streets of Kensington pretty much took up a good hour and half. There was some pretty cool street styles (though not many), and mostly stylish hipsters. Unfortunately though, I didn't get a taste of the "main course" of the entire festival: the salsa. The line up was just way too long, and being as impatient as I was that day (with an increasingly packed schedule), there was no way I am spending a half hour to 45 minutes for it. I did have a good time snooping around, seeing old friends here and there. Salsa Fest has become more than just a festival about salsa, but a vibrant, multi-talented cultural event that invites everyone in this city to add in their yearly calendar.

Till then… see you next year Salsa Fest!

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    1. Thanks for the comment. Your blog looks great too.