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Heavy Metal for YYC Stampede/ 2012 NTSA YYC Audition

Country music is not the only music YYC should be proud of during the Stampede celebration. Here in our city, we have many music talents of different music genres. (I will actually be featuring a local musician in my column Binzento Finds… very soon!).

Heavy Metal in Cowtown
The past couple weeks had been a "musical luxury" for my ears, as I got to attend concerts at the Stampede ground as well as smaller music performances in various venues. Never would of thought I would attend a Heavy Metal mini concert. 
Lust Boys from Victoria

ゼ [Ze] from Calgary/Tokyo

Four heavy metal bands including: ゼ [Ze] (Calgary/Tokyo), Lust Boys (Victoria), HROM (Calgary), and The Devil's Own (Calgary) gathered at Below Deck on Stephen's Ave for a night of heavy-metal Stampede madness called Sleazy StampedePete Klassen of ゼ [Ze] whom I met at a music competition early this year was the main reason why I knew about this event. Him and his band did an awesome job at the competition and really brought my interest to heavy metal rock. He'd also played live in Japan before with his fellow Japanese crew there.
Binzento with Pete Klassen of ゼ [Ze]
For Binzento, it was an opportunity to scout "heavy metal styles", while trying to understand the heavy metal culture. Sure enough, guys with their massive long hair and ladies in their badass leather biker jackets walked into the venue. I couldn't help but to approach and ask them about their styles. Where I came from (Hong Kong), heavy metal culture is barely a thing, so it intrigued me to be "educated" :).
As the bands perform, it was expected to see people gathered to "headbang". Little did I know, it's not easy to "handbang" with style. First, I don't have long enough hair to look impressive. Then…my stiff neck from bad sleeping posture at night didn't help me neither. My conclusion: I am not looking remotely cool hitting heavy metal. Restlessly, I went online and did a little research, here are 9 tips I found on wikiHow on "How to Headbang"~ quite helpful I'd say.

  • 1
    Stretch your neck beforehand and turn your head a bit to lessen the probability of a neck strain. Your head can ache the next morning otherwise.
  • 2
    Start with the simple rhythm nod, nodding your head backwards a bit then flicking forward, repeating with the rhythm.
  • 3
    Move on to the head drummer and bend over and continuously headbang to the fast drum beats.
  • 4
    Try the hard slammer: swinging your head from head height to waist height. Do this to the long beat of the song, so if the song has a drum set beat behind it headbang on the bass, because this kind is too long to do real fast.
  • 5
    Then, try the windmill. Spin your head in a circle and let hair fly.Add some of your own style to your headbang so you don't look like a poser.
  • 6
    However, when the song has ended, be sure to remain in a bent down position for some moments, as it may be difficult to walk, after all, your sense of balance may be affected.
  • 7
    Decide how many beats per riff you'll be headbanging to and at what speed
  • 8
    Look up the music video for the song and see how the band that plays it headbangs.
  • 9
    After a few days of practice, not only will you be able to mosh like a god, you will gain the ability to beat people up with your hair.

  • So my buddy Pete Klassen and his band ゼ [Ze] is releasing their album on the 27th of this month! If you are in YYC, and interested with heavy metal, be sure to check it out HERE!

    2012 NTSA YYC Audition
    Hong Kong Musician Pahko Chau

    Annual Asia's international music talent compeititon New Talent Singing Awards (NTSA) Calgary's Audition ended last weekend at Jack Singer Concert Hall. Binzento Vincente was this year's stage MC for 2012 NTSA along with two Fairchild media hosts. The vocal ability/ and the "it" factor of YYC's finalists this year was very well balanced, hence the competition was fierce. Contestant #12 Rebecca Ko became the big winner that night. She will represent YYC and further compete future international music competitions in Asia. Congratz Rebecca!!
    Binzento with Pahko Chau

    The special guest performer this year was Hong Kong musician Pahko Chau, who was the also the guest performer for Toronto's audition for NTSA. There was a press release meeting and autograph session prior to the night's competition. His fans gathered early to get a glimpse of this young Hong Kong musician. Some of his fans even dressed in Pahko Chau's Adidas attire. Currently Pahko is one of the faces of Adidas in Asia, and he worked closely with Jeremy Scott's collections. MC that night was enjoyable. I was glad the program went fine and my month of hard work finally paid off. I gotta thank though my dance instructor Jay Cz, and my two other MC partners Herbert and Arian. Without them, the show definitely wouldn't go as smoothly for me :). Pahko performed 4 songs that night, and was greeted with many gifts throughout. Can't blame the fans for being all hyped up, since it's not usual YYC have celebrities from Asia travel here to meet their supporters.

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