Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Folk Fest Kick-Off at Sit./ Upcoming Festivals in YYC

Folk Fest Kick-Off at Sit./ Upcoming Festivals in YYC
(photos by: Binzento Vincente)

It's starting to get to me for not having as much time as I thought I would have to update my blog here in Chicago. There is just so much going on everyday and there are so many things/people I need to do/meet. I shouldn't complain though because this trip so far has been nothing but EXCELLENT, and I can't wait to share my stories here on Binzento Vincente. I'd met so many people along the way, and chatted with various interesting individuals. I will start releasing my posts one by one here very soon :). 
Competiting album cover artwork submitted by local artists

Tonight's post though is a bit overdue, since YYC's folk fest was officially over yesterday. Here was a kick-off event that happend at Sit. Interiors YYC prior to the festival. Sit. Interiors hosted a small party in celebrating this year's folk festival. They also organized an folk music album cover contest for the creative bunch. Eve Hell and The Razors performed some of their greatest songs at the party. 
Eve Hell and The Razors

I felt kinda sad for missing the folk fest this year. My friends who'd went told me they had such a good time. Now that the folk fest is over, there are two other yearly festivals I am looking forward to in YYC, they are the Fringefest and Globalfest
Fringefest (August 3rd to 11th) is a week of artsy theatre performances where you'll be expecting to see the "unexpected" and the "uncensored" productions.
Globalfest (August 16th to 26th) as many YYC peeps know, it's an annual multicultural and international fireworks competition event. This year also marked the 10th year anniversary, which I am sure there will be some spectacular fireworks extravaganza. You'll be able to catch Binzento Vincente in both events :), so be sure to check them out if you have nothing planned in the month of August.

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