Sunday, July 22, 2012

EPCOR Centre Short Film Series: The Subliminal Rabbit

EPCOR Centre's GAMA: The Subliminal Rabbit
(photos source: The Sublminal Rabbit; Binzento Vincente)

Today's post is continuing on from my last post about YYC EPCOR Centre's GAMA selection of short films (3 total) presentation. The 2nd short film, which will be played between August 2nd to October 29th in 3 locations at the EPCOR Centre, is produced by The Subliminal Rabbit. I had an opportunity to meet some of The Subliminal Rabbit guys and interview creative director/producer Colin Menzies for my TV network.
The film is about a young man who was bullied by the people around him because of his boldness for wearing an essentric jacket. By chance, he followed a subliminal rabbit onto a city train where his drawings came to life. And through the journey in the fantastical world, he'd learned a lesson about courage, and not be afriad to express true identity. The jacket was designed by Canadian costume designer Maria Orduz Pinto, a piece that I would wear any day :). Here is a teaser trailer of the film:
The Subliminal Rabbit is a collective contributions by directors, muscians, artists, fashion designers, photographers and performers, working together creatively to produce films and music that target topics on youth issues. What I love about that is it brings the "best" in talents of various disciplines to the table to create high quality productions. This film in particular was also a collaboration with YYC's city transit. It's amazing how many people in the community are involved. 
The vibrant energy and quirkiness of the film provide a comedic experience, which definitely will attract and inspire young audiences. Equally important, there is a deeper meaning in The Subliminal Rabbit short film that can be served as an educational tool to send messages about youth issues to the general public. I think this film is something not to be missed, and everyone who will be in YYC should check it out. For more in depth information and my interview with Colin Menzies, be sure not to miss the segment which would be aired in a week and half time. Stay tuned for more details on that. If you missed my last post about the 3 locations at EPCOR Centre, where this film will be played:

The EPCOR CENTRE's GAMA selection of the 3 short-films will be shown on monitors in 3 different locations throughout the centre:
(1) +15 near CKUA; 2nd level of Jack Singer Concert Hall west end
(2) West end of Jack Singer Concert Hall main floor foyer
(3) Near Baraka Cafe and the stained glass window
Binzento with The Subliminal Rabbit boys and EPCOR communication manager Kerri Savage

Once again, thank you Kerri Savage for the interview arrangements and The Subliminal Rabbit guys for the time and the engaging meeting. Really look forward to your next production.

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  1. Wow, I've got to say this is very creative and interesting! The graphics and designs are breath-taking too!

    xoxo from Malaysia!

    1. Harleen, I agree :) I love all the colorful energy and designs Subliminal Rabbit had put forth in this latest instalment of work.

  2. The pure creativity and energy is absolutely inspiring!!