Friday, July 13, 2012

ArtPoint "BRAND" Local Art Exibit

ArtPoint Presents "BRAND" Art Show
(photos: KO; Binzento Vincente)

Want a get a taste of original local art here in YYC? ArtPoint Gallery and Studios Society gathered works made of different media by local artists and hosted the "BRAND" art show. As a supporter of the local art scene, it is almost my duty to attend and bring some love to this event.
The show consisted of mixed media works including photography, scultpures, paintings, illustrations, texties and music. My friend/blog correspondent KO also showcased her "horse photography" pieces at the show and it was AMAZING (and I am not being biased). Another artist that I looked out for was celebrity artist Jason Gogo. KO has one of his commission modern paintings at her home, and I fell in love with it as soon as I came across it. 
KO and her "horses photography" collection

with artist Jason Gogo

The art show was an intimate event for friends and family, and people with passion for art. I was with Ania B that day, and though we'd only stayed briefly at the event, I'd like to go back again and take a closer look at each of the art pieces. The "BRAND" art show at ArtPoint is up until July 21st. The studio is opened to public Thurs-Sat 1pm-5pm . If you are in YYC at the moment and want to take a break of the Stampede, be sure to check it out~
ArtPoint Gallery and Studios Soceity:1139 11th Street SE, Calgary, AB

2012 Folk Fest is COMING SOON
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