Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Very Whimsical London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony: Let The Games Begin!

A Very Whimsical London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony
(photo source: Chicago Tribune)

Binzento Vincente is currently away from home on the road in the US, but that doesn't stop me from keeping myself updated with the Olympics, an event that thrills me every time. It's one of those moments where I felt the world is physically coming closer together. I bet many of you have already watched the London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony tonght. It certainly was an entertaining experience. Perhaps I didn't expect it to be so "whimsical"; A great contrast to the intensified performances Beijing had put forth four years ago in the 2008 Olympics. And of course, London got the luxury of having globally renown celebrities like Paul McCartney & David Beckham and fictional characters like Mr. Bean and James Bond... and last but not least, the royal family. Here are some recaps and my most favourite moments of the ceremony.

I personally have a few althletes that I am rooting for this year and I really hope they'll earn their deserving medal(s) for their country:

Valentina Vezzali
Country: Italy
Sport: Fencing

Ali Khousrof
Country: Yemen
Sport: Judo

Adam van Koeverden
Country: Canada
Sport: Sprint kayak

Wang Yihan
Country: China
Sport: Badminton

Viktoria Komova
Country: Russia
Sport: Gymnastics

Matthew Mitcham
Country: Australia
Sport: Diving

Nathan Adrian, Brendan Hansen, Cullen Jones, and Ryan Lochte
Country: USA
Sport: Relay Swimming

Usain Bolt
Country: Jamaica
Sport: Sprint

I'll be keeping you guys up-to-date as to what's happening here in Chicago. :) Stay tuned!

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