Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Underwear Affair YYC - Charity for Cancers Below-the-Waist

As the warmer season begins, many charitable organizations will organize fundraising run events to keep our good health boosted for a good cause. Past Saturday here in YYC, we had the Underwear Affair annaul charity run organized by the Alberta Cancer Foundation.
The Underwear Affair has been a successful campaign focusing on bringing the community attention to detrimental cancer diseases that are "below-the-waist", such as prostate, ovarian and colorectal cancers. Often we may feel uncomfortable talking about them, one of Underwear Affair's goals is to dissolve this barrier to educate people with proper information. 
The money raised for this event will help the Tom Baker Cancer Centre here in YYC along with 16 other cancer centres for their cancer treatment/ research projects as well as providing educational tools for people who are wanting to know more about cancers below-the-waist.
For the charity run, the participants can choose between a competitative 10K run or a 5K walk, and decide to go solor or as a team. As a tradition to the "Underwear" Affair event, they are also encouraged to wear underwear as an attire to signify openness to discuss cancers that are below-the-waist. Usually every year we will see very creative costume designs that are fun, and truly daring! For that, there was a brief award ceremony for Best Male Costume, Best Female Costume, Best Superheroes Costume, and Best Team Costume. Some of the prizes were by SAXX underwear sponsor. The run started at 6:00pm sharp with just the right amont of sun and nice weather outside for a perfect workout!!
There was over 1,200 people participated Underwear Affair YYC this year, raising over $800,000!! Congratulatons!
Although the 2012 Underwear Affair had just ended, you can already register for next year's 2013 Underwear affair event :) Apply link: 

For donations and more info about Underwear Affair in Edmonton and Vancouver here:

Be sure too to stayed tune for my story coverage on Fairchild TV's Alberta Report this Sunday! :)

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