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Runway Monthly YYC June Edition

Runway Monthly June Edition
One month had gone by with just a blink of an eye, and it was that time again: the June Edition of Runway Monthly in YYC. This month we had four local designers showcasing their current season collections. They were Cherry Chic Designs, Chantel Traub (with Nuage 9), Malika Couture, and apiana que. The MC for the June Edition of Runway Monthly was Sabrina May of Sabrina May Public Relations.

Cherry Chic Designs
Cherry Chic Designs surprised me western Stampede styles at the start of the show. It was a creative way to capture crowds' attention. Especially when we are closing in to the 100th anniversary Calgary Stampede celebration. Cherry Chic Designs showcased casual everyday wear for women, and ladies may find them approachable because of its functionality. Style wise I would say it was somewhat on the conservative side. The overall focus from what I saw was practicality over creativity. 

Chantel Traub (with Nuage 9)
Chantel Traub could very well be my favourite show of the night. As a textile artist, I admire her ability to dye/paint and design her own prints for her garments. Collaborating on this runway with local handbag label Nuage 9 actually worked quite well. The two pairing together added sophistication touch, and feminity. The choice of handbag to match with the evening party dress executed well, despite a difficult task when the two labels did not design the look together. It's worthwhile, in my opinion, for the two to collaborate a design in future collections.
Chantel Traub & Nuage 9 (Hina Haq)

Malika Couture
It's my first time seeing Malika Couture's pieces. Similar to Cherry Chic Designs, Malika Couture work towards the mainstream line. This collection had used several floral print designs. There was a subtle cultural ethnicity to these pieces. In celebrating the birthday of Marilyn Monroe in the month of June, Marlika created the Marilyn Monroe inspired, portrait one piece dress.
apiana que
apiana que's pieces at Runway Monthly reminded me of spending summer vacation on an island with white sandy beach. For summer styles, she was dead on with the theme. These pieces were also shown previously during the PARKshow event earlier in spring. My favourite piece is still the long train dress. The dress looks very animated as the model walk down the runway, and the train flows in motion . 
There were several changes since the June Edition of Runway Monthly. First, the show now occurs on a Saturday evening instead of a weeknight, which allows a better time slot for people who are only available during the weekends. I also liked how the show this time got much brighter lights for photos. Surely, the good amount of lamps, an early show, and YYC's long summer daylight hours helped. For more photos (and videos) of the event, you can visit Runway Monthly Facebook page:

There will be no Runway Monthly in the month of July, since there will be much more happening for the 100th year celebration of the Calgary Stampede. The next one will be in mid-August, so stayed tune!

Here are some more photos I took of my friends/people at the event :)
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