Monday, June 25, 2012

Pivot Glenbow Summer Block Party/ Versace Men SS13

Pivot Glenbow Summer Block Party 2012
(photos by: Binzento Vincente; KO)
YYC Glenbow Museum hosted the Pivot Glenbow Summer Block Party last Thursday, on solstice day (the longest day stretch of 2012), to welcome Pivot members and friends for a fun "night" of art, music, and food on Stephen's Ave. Our daylight hours are known to extend past 10:00pm during summer seasons, and as some might agree, this is one of the best times to have outdoor evening parties while the sun is still shining!
Luckily, we didn't have any rain that day and it was the perfect weather for this event. There was live art, DJ music by The Bass Bus and several local food trucks serving delicious snacks. There was also a "party bus" for people to mingle indoor on the scene. The bus had a wooden artsy interior decor with some window illustrations.
Katrina Olson-Mottahed with Glenbow's Catherine Harder (VP Delveopment)

There is LOTS happening this summer at the Glenbow Museum, especially with the 100th Anniversary Stampede Celebration. Current exhibition includes Charlie Russell and the First Calgary Stampede, where it showcased commission work of Charlie Russell for the first ever Calgary Stampede ONE CENTURY ago! There is also the Calgary Stampede antiques collection being showcased for audience to relive the historic moments of Canada's largest outdoor rodeo.
Binzento Vincente enjoyed his time at the Pivot Glenbow

Check out Glenbow's current exhibitions and info on their website: 

Thank you Pivot Glenbow for hosting this fun party, and KO for inviting Binzento Vincente to be a part of it. xo

Versace Men SS13
(photos source: Versace)

At the SS13 Men's Milan Fashion Week. Italian fashion house Versace decided to go for the "Gladiator", "Wrestling Champion" theme this season. To take things literally, they'd included "champion belts" in their runway pieces. It's neat, but somehow again, I found it quite redunctant and honestly nothing exciting. I remembered blogging about WWE wrestler attires blogs ago and mentioned how they'd became quite a fashion statement these days. They were also bringing back some metallic and continue using floral/illustration patterns in pieces. The SS13 collection hence didn't get me to WOW. My favourite piece however, was the Japanese inspired Yutaka style long jacket, double breasted blazer and shorts. Other than that, I much prefer some of the Versace men's suits this season. It has a really good traditional vibe and maintained the quality of classic Italian fashions.

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