Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Parah Swimwear 2012/ Local Swimwear Designs Bringing Heat to YYC

There is hardly a summer here in Calgary (YYC). Even when we have a hot day and want to stay close and cool ourselves off in water, our geographic location limits us to local swimming pools rather than a nice sandy beach. However, that doesn't stop us from shopping for nice swimwear for the summer. The month of June is full of swimwear shows, bringing the heat to the city. Binzento Vincente went to two shows in the last couple weeks. One was from swimwear boutique Sugar Strings and the other by local fashion designer Nicole Rita Tomney. Both exhibited different tastes to accomdate different audiences. First though I have to say, I really like the Italian Parah's 2012 swimwear collection.

Parah Swimwear 2012
photos courtesy: ParahElle.com
There is something about this collection that attracts me. It can very well be the vibrant energetic colors and cultural prints that set off an summer image. You can also find to a certain extent, a western-style feel to it. A mix-n-match of youthful colorful schemes, with the additions of tribal inspired accessories and a cowboy hat - perfect Stampede swimwear inspiration.
You can find/purchase Parah swimwear online in their e-boutique:

YYC Swimwear
Sugar Strings Swimwear 2012
photos by: Binzento Vincente
Sugar Strings is YYC's very own swimwear label that was lauched last year (2011). It was founded by two very enthusiastic beautiful ladies: Kristan Votta and Angelica Bonaparte. Just like its name, there is a certain sweetness with Sugar Strings that attracts young sexy ladies (and guys alike). Sugar Strings just had their 2012 swimwear show at Titlted Grill past weekend. Most of the designs were simple classic, with added shimmery flare. One can imagine these styles resemble California girls, bringing the southern heat to YYC.
Sugar Strings designers: Kristan Votta and Angelica Bonaparte

YYC Swimwear
Nicole Rita Tomney Swimwear 2012
photos by: Binzento Vincente
Nicole Rita Tomney (N.R.T Fashions) is known for her raw, rocker, avant garde fashion designs. She recently launched her first swimwear collection which was showcased at YYC Amsterdam Rhino. Like her ready-to-wear fashion pieces, you are guaranteed to find N.R.T's personality in this collection. Different than conventional swimwear design (bright colours), N.R.T swimwear brought a visually darker tone in her collection. I found it quite releveant to punk/rocker music theme. There was also a hint of western style incorporated into it. N.R.T swimwear may not attract everyone in the general public, but certainly a specific niche that shares similar vision with N.R.T.
Nicole Rita Tomney

N.R.T Fashions: http://www.nrtfashions.com 

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  2. I love this great looking swimwear! Now I have the ideas on what kind and designs that I should buy the next time I go shopping.

    1. I am glad the post gave you some ideas! Thanks for stopping by and reading :)

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