Sunday, June 17, 2012

Caitlin Power x Sit. Interiors

Caitlin Power X Sit. Interiors
(photos by: Binzento Vincente)
designer Cailin Power (left) being interviewed

Sit. Interiors YYC has become a central hub for art/ fashion pop up events recently. Its fashion designer collaboration is amongst one of the most exciting events this month. Caitlin Power, a Calgarian, now Toronto based contempoary fashion designer is the first in line to this Sit. Interiors fashion designer collaboration project. 
Caitlin Power has certainly expressed her passion in fashion design and state of the art talent in her latest A/W 2012 collection, where she also showcased her first Caitlin Power men's line. This collection was also shown earlier during the Toronto Fashion Week, and received many positive reviews, which has made Caitlin Power an up-and-coming rising star in Canadian fashion designs. The current A/W 2012 collection emits a mysterious and futuristic vibe. While exploring a new direction by choosing loose fitted designs, Caitlin Power have made this collection personal through the continue usage of her signature style: mixing materials such as fabric + leather. 
Caitlin Power's runway show at Sit. Interiors consisted of two segments. I could not tell whether if each segment has its own story, however, the pieces were toward a sophisticated design, with an attitude, proving Caitlin Power's interest in producing high fashion. The choice of emerald green for the men's shirt and women's blouse were my favourite works by her in this collection. The style really reminded me of designs by Italian fashion houses. I am also feeling the cobalt blue in the autumn season. The addition of single bright yellow stripe/line helped draw the audience's attention to the body form of the model. In addition, it added a nice touch to the monotoned blanc/grey/black esemble she'd done on many of the pieces. I spoke with Caitlin Power for a bit even though she was swamped by other interviews. Some of her pieces will be available for purchase at Leo Boutique on 17th. It's on my agenda to go there and check them out soon!
I thought the show was really well organized. It was clean, simple, and most importantly knew what was going on. I did not see many fashion bloggers that night except for myself and Ania B of Ania B Blog. There were though, many stylists, and media photographers at the event. Below are some more photos of the evening, while mingling with some of my friends, and familiar faces.
I like to thank Sit. Interiors and Caitlin Powers for the invitation to this event. I thought they did a great job with their first fashion collaboration event. GREAT JOB GUYS!~ It gave me a great deal of excitement for their next fashion designer collaboration! :) <3

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