Monday, May 21, 2012

A Weekend Of Love + Hope

This Victoria Day long weekend here in YYC was a special one because there was so much love to offer to people who are seeking hope in their lives. Binzento Vincente went to two good cause events this weekend. One was the Revolutionist: Tees for School event, and the other was World Vision Christopher Wong 25th Anniversary "True Colors" Charity Concert.

Tees for School
Revolutionist Organization (Pakistan), Boston University (Boston), and YYC designer Bano & eeMee (Calgay) collaborated a meaningful special T-shirts sale charity event called the Tees for School. This event was to help raise funds to build schools for young children in Pakistan who couldn't afford education. What made these for sale T-shirts so special was that they were all hand-painted by those underpriviledged children. There were 100 T-shirts painted by 100 children. 60 of them were already sold in Pakistan, 20 of them were brought to Toronto and 20 of them came to Calgary's Eleven:Eleven Boutique in Kensginton. Each T-shirt was attached with a postcard photo of the corresponding child who creatively painted it. 

Binzento picked out his favourite Tee!

The T-shirts looked gorgeously heart warming hanging side-by-side in the boutique. Most of the children have not painted in their lives, and the T-shirts were their first opportunity to express their mind creatively via art. As I saw them, I eagerly picked out the one that caught my eyes. It was hand-painted with a symmetrical heart, a moon, a star, the little boy's hand and foot prints. He wrote "ANSAR" on the side, which I realize in Islamic, it litterally meant "helpers". It made my heart tear when I picked up the T-shirt, but also happy that a little contribution can mean alot to these children in Pakistan.
Lisette Xavier playing her work

The night also consisted a small performance by up-and-coming local musican Lisette Xavier, playing some of her emotional tunes. Lisette is recording an album soon, and I look forward to hearing all of her songs. I also got a chance to connect with blogger Becky Kung of Velvet and Vino, she's a really sweet person and her lifestyle blog is great! :) Everyone gotta check it out some time!
Here is another blog post that wrote in detail about the painted T-shirts event by children from Pakistan :) Truly AMAZING!
For more information about Revolutionist, and Tees for School, please contact Bano & eeMee Aleem Arif:

Christopher Wong 25th Anniversary Charity Concert: "True Colors" for World Vision

Christopher Wong (25th Anniversary)

Hong Kong pop-singer Christopher Wong came to Canada this month for his "True Colors" Canadian concert tour. This concert was previously held in Hong Kong to celebrate his 25th year in the music industry. Chris has been an active member for World Vision, thus for his Canadian tour, he decided to collaborate with them to help raise money for children that are in need. In addition to promote "sponsor a child" program. There were three stops in the Canadian tour: Toronto, Vancouver, and then finally Calgary - Southern Jubilee Auditorium.
My pal Candy from Edmonton was so gracious to offer me two front row seat tickets, so I brought my mom along with me for the show. It was something very special to me because this is my first time ever sitting together with my mom for a music concert. I would often looked over to watch her reaction, and it made me smile when I saw her so engaged into Chris' performance and waving the glowsticks~ cute.
 mom got to see Chris up close and personal

Binzento and mom

As the concert goes on, mom and I both donated to World Vision. Chris walked down the stage for a friendly audience gesture. My mom got a chance to meet with him up close and shook hands. I thought that was neat and I was glad she got to enjoy the experience. 
There were few touching moments during the concert, as Chris expressed his regret not being able to perform his father's favourite song on stage before he passed away. He reminded us that we have to "treasure our love ones and don't take them for granted". The concert was a success, during the 5 minutes donation period, more than $8000.00 were raised for World Vision. Way to go YYC!

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