Friday, May 18, 2012

Runway Monthly (May Edition)

The 2nd round (May Edition) of YYC Runway Monthly happened past Tuesday at The Bank, Stephen's Avenue. This time partcipated designers include Analog Heart, Bano & eeMee, MaNoKin Designs and Dionne Dionne. The hosts of the night were Jason Krell and Alykhan Velji. Before getting into my personal reflection of the show, here is a summary of the night's program.

Photos by Binzento Vincente
Analog Heart x Kimlee Jev

Analog Heart is an accessories line founded in 2007, known to use recycled pieces from our most beloved vintage vinyl discs. The current collection showcased at the Runway Monthly was the product of the brand's collaborative work with Calgary Fashion's Editor in ChiefKimlee Jev. The work shows an appreciation for music, individuality and culture. while the "up-beat" or "pop-up" designs further vindicated Kimlee Jev and Analog Heart's love for music.

Bano & eeMee's Aleem Arif

Bano & eeMee should be something worth celebrating in YYC. The fashion scene newcomer and also a good friend of mine, Aleem Arif had worked diligently bringing his name and label from US to Canada. Having only been a year, Bano & eeMee became one of the most recognizable labels in Calgary. This is all because of Mr. Arif's consistent effort to showcase his collections in various fashion shows including, PARKShow, Western Canada Fashion Week and Vancouver Fashion Week. He made us proud by being named Top 10 Western Canada Fashion Designer recently. In the current showcase at Runway Monthly, Bano & eeMee continued to show designs that enpowered female forms; Defining his interpretation of elegant styles.

MaNoKin Designs's Marsina King

By now, Marsina King of MaNoKin Designs is name that people haven't heard of. I admired Marsina's dedication to fashion. Fashion industry is hard in Calgary, and this is a fact. However Marsina's non-stop effort and support to show her passion for fashion is no doubt inspiring. The current Runway Monthly's pieces could be considered as a memoir of Marsina's previous work. She utilized pieces from her past collections and transformed into something anew, which gave her long supportive audience a familiar scene. It's nice to see her signature choice of neutral tone are blended with vibrant colours at this show. 

Dionne Dionne
Dione Dione's Anya Dione

I came to know about Dionne Dionne from her last appearance at PARKShow 2012. At that event, I remembered mentioning that she was one of my favourite designers of the night. What makes Dionne Dionne unique is that she enjoys adding a personal touch to her garments by painting them with brush strokes. To me, it is a form of communication between designer Anya Dionne and her audience. The brush strokes is her way to express herself artisticly in each designs. Anya brought both casual and gown looks onto the runway that night. Her white dresses revealed the sense of innocence and purity of female forms.
May edition of Runway Monthly was overall a success. There were definitely many positive aspects to this month's show. I liked how the models were not walking down the staircase anymore, but instead coming from behind leveled curtains. The event also ran much smoothly than April's edition. In addition, I was pleased to see new faces at the venue; I even met some of my blog readers too, which added a nice touch for me in that evening. One more thing I liked to mention was the trunk sale, which had more traffic flow than before. The trunk sale area was brighter, and the crowd was giving good indication what's being showcased upstairs. Niche handbags and several other acessories vendors were present at the event. What I hope to see next is the use of bright lights during the actual runway show, it gives the seated auidence/bloggers a better environment to snap photos. 

It is almost a guarantee that at every fashion event, I'll see familiar faces and friends, and sometimes make new ones. Below are more photos from that night.
(Left to Right) N.R.T Fashions Nicole Rita Tomney, Bano & eeMee Aleem Arif, Anne B. Acceossories Anne Corpuz-Bacalso, Nuage 9 Handbags Hina Haq
Hosts of the night: Alykhan Velji & Jason Krell
Blogger KD Faustino of The Girl With The Messy Hair
Stayed tune for more updates on the June edition of Runway Monthly! Here is Binzento Vincente below with his new Kate Spade Armadillo friend. :)

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