Sunday, May 13, 2012

Joyrich x Giza/ Izzue in Vancouver/ Gilly Hicks & Hollisters Lifeguards at Flagship Store in Regent London

Joyrich x Giza - A Summer Collaboration
Summer is around the corner, and I am sure most serious fashionistas have already found their looks for the season. For me, I tend to buy clothing spontaneously, and would get them when an idea pops in my head suddenly. If you like street style and colours like myself, then maybe you'll like Joyrich, a Los Angeles based streetwear brand founded by Japanese creative director Taka Okude and designer David Melgar. Joyrich, like the name implies, always brings "joyous" and "richness" colours to the streetstyle fashion scene. Often uses pop-up prints and graphics, the label also loves to integrate retrospective fashion into high energy futuristic designs. For this summer's line, they collaborated with Giza, a designer label by well known DJ Mademoiselle Yulia. This collaboration continues to maintain the "daredevil" characteristics of Joyrich, while adding the obvious "spices" from Yulia.
The major focus seems to be on strong contrasting colours, with heavy ethnic inspired geometric prints on the pieces. Mixing in with the leather adds a chic flare to this collection. This collaboration also launched with accessories and handbags. lovely :).

Izzue Opened Store in Vancouver!
This is a looooong overdue post. Izzue, a Hong Kong apparel fashion label launched its first shop in Vancouver, Canada (specifically Aberdeen Centre, Richmond City) in March. Androgynous male model Andrej Pejic and Japanese model/actor Joe Odagiri were among the famous personalities that represented Izzue
Andrej Pejic Izzue Campaign 2008
Joe Odagiri Izzue Campaign 2003

The program of the Izzue grand opening day include a S/S12 collection runway show. Izzue has became an signature fashion label of Hong Kong. It also introduced the authentic streetwear of Hong Kong to the international fashion scene.
Izzue S/S12 Runway Show in Richmond City, Vancouver, Canada
photos source: ax3battery

Gilly Hicks & Hollisters Lifeguards (Only Boys) Tour at Flagship Store in Regent Street London 
so…When you see countless shirtless guys pretending to be lifeguards, you'll know Abercrombie & Fitch infiltrated another district. This time is on Regent Street in London, where the new Gilly Hicks & Hollisters flagship store opens (since yesterday). I know "skins" are appealing (sex sells) and is an image of the Abercrombie & Fitch corporation, but sometimes I get really confused whether they are selling "flesh" or…what. 
Anyway, having a bunch of ripped body (male) models (playing lifeguard) blockading a new store location officially became their conventional marketing strategy. This was found in Singapore location last year and the recent location in China as well. What's even more bizzare was they use the same half nude male models idea to promote Gilly Hicks, another Abercrombie spin off but sells mostly female knickers. Clearly, the boyssss are placed there to attract females to the store (or males). Aside from defeating the purpose of selling female knickers, which Gilly Hicks is suppose to be, it is clear to me that in Abercrombie's standards, girls don't make good "lifeguards". #JustSaying. 
If people in London are interested… here is the link where you can stalk these guys…find out their next location. photos source: Gilly Hicks

FINALLY… the May edition of Runway Monthly YYC (Calgary) Canada will happen on Tuesday, May 15th.
Be sure to purchase your tickets before the show.

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