Thursday, May 10, 2012

Andrea Commarosano - The Prince of Homoerotic Fashion/ Cody Rhodes?/ Farewell Vidal Sassoon

Andrea Commarosano - Quirky Fetish
Andrea Commarosano

In the spirit of Calgary Stampede, an annual festive celebration of the "Heart of the New West", here is a little edgy fashion inspired by the "Western culture". Andrea Commarosano, an Italian fashion designer currently in Vienna, is known to push the envelope in his fashion designs. Often playing around with the theme of fetishism, his S/S12 collection: "EAST WEST HOME BEST" is NO exception.
The collection described the mixed use of Western/Native cultures, adding to it was a strong sense of homoeroticism and sadomasochism. Often domination violence can easily be associated with those terminologies, yet Adrea Commarosano's usage of playful colours and designs diluted that focus. In contrast, his "fetish for sculptural clothes and chunky shapes", as he described in the book The Poetry of Fashion Designs created avant garde humor that his audience appreicates.
It all made sense when knowing that he was an assistant for well known fashion designer Walter van Beirendonk, which in my book is the king of surrealism in fashion design. Even in his previous collection, Adrea Commarosano used heavy fetish flavor. A picture can say a 1000 words, and I don't think I need to write more to convince people that he can very well be "The Prince of Homoerotic Fashion".

Andrea Commarosano website:

Cody Rhodes?
Funny, as I began writing about Adrea Commarosano in this blog entry, I noticed WWE wrestler Cody Rhodes would totally be an appropriate model for his work. I mean, the dashing Cody Rhodes' ring attire is somewhat a-hint-too-fashionable for the general high adrenaline WWE audience don't you think? #JustSaying.
Cody Rhodes (left) and Ted Dibiase (right) debuted couple years ago as Randy Orton's (middle) "sidekicks"

In Memory of Vidal Sassoon
(Jan. 17, 1928 - May 9, 2012)
Finally…I like to take a moment to remember Hair Styling Legend: Mr. Vidal Sassoon, who past away today in Los Angeles, at 84. Vidal Sassoon, your talent made history. 
Vidal Sassoon
We will miss you. R.I.P.

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