Thursday, May 3, 2012

YYC 2012 Comic Expo/ Japanese Cosplay/ Nicholas Tse Guest Judge on America's Next Top Model/ Party it UP with Diva Lounge

2012 Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo
The 2012 Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo ended with a success this year. Though I only had time to go for one of the three days, I heard that the expo was literally a "stampede". Tickets were sold out long ago and people had to wait in line for hours to get in. I even heard some couldn't make it inside because the vast venue was completely full and over capacity. Good for YYC though, to have such an event that everyone felt excited about.
The invited guests this year are certainly the main attraction to this annual expo: Stan Lee, the father of Spiderman and X-men, and the entire cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation including Patrick Stewart, it's any geek's dream come true. 
It was regretful that I had to do interviews at the expo on the day of my visit, and really didn't have much time to explore the great expo. What I noticed though was definitely much bigger than last year's (I'd say at least doubled). I did however, manage to meet James Marsters, who played Spike in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He was a nice guy, and we chatted a little at his station and talked briefly about his work and his role in TV series Torchwood. He also signed an autograph for Binzento! I liked this photo, because it's not one of his typical bleeched blonde pics in his Buffy days.
James Marsters as Spike in Buffy the Vampire Slayer
James Marsters to Binzento
Binzento Vincente visited a few of his favourite comic book artists/illustrators. One I couldn't miss was Camilla d'Errico. I did an interview with her last year for my network, and she mentioned about launching her very own comic character figure: KURO. This year I finally got to see the actual product, and couldn't help but purchased the limited edition KURO! :) Camilla was kind enough to signe on its tush for Binzento. Limited edision KURO glows in the dark, and he is now used as my "night light" in my room <3. 
KURO by Camilla d'Errico
Another artist I came across at the expo and found it exciting was Trevor Frick and his Centuri Way of the Ninja comics. He designed a line of "paper action figures". They were very well designed and creative. I bought one of his Centuri ninjas!
Centuri ninja/ paper figure by Trevor Frick
There was also local musicians as well. I am sure all my readers know that I am 100% supportive in terms of local talents and production. I met the SEPTEMBRYO guys selling their EP album: The Dreambuilder. The songs were more of a pop-rock vibe. Couple songs in the album reminded me of Japanese visual kei style of music. I bought two copies and gave one to one of my friends who's moving back to Asia.
Chika Ando caught my attention when I saw her unique style of illustration. Her work is somewhat surreal, and I love how there is a message for each of her drawing. Visually they were captivating and absolutely memorable.
Chika Ando illustrations
Like the usual comic expo, there were people dressed up in their costumes. Though I was told there were more on Saturday's and Sunday's event than on Friday's opening day. Some were somewhat reduntant, and many I'd seen from last year's comic expo. There were a few that were quite impressive. :) 
photo below by Royden Coombes
photo below by Ania B

Japanese (Winner) Cosplay
Speaking of costume, I found few costumes (cosplay) designs that were listed as "THE BEST" in Japanese comics (manga) convention. Two of them were characters from Final Fantasy VII (Cloud and Tifa) and one was from manga/anime Sailor Moon.
Cloud (Final Fantasy VII)
"sexy" Tifa (Final Fantasy VII)
(Eternal) Sailor Moon

America's Next Top Model going to Hong Kong with Guest Judge Nicholas Tse
Cycle 18 America's Next Top Model: British Invasion is travelling to Asia this season. Next week, the models will be in Binzento Vincente's hometown Hong Kong. It was previewed Hong Kong musician/actor/celebrity Nicholas Tse will be on the guest judge panel along with Tyra Banks. I can't wait to see~
Nicholas Tse is going to be the guest judge on ANTM on May 9th episode

Binzento Vincente and Diva Lounge, two bloggers went on a party-night-out past weekend. Paris DJ Adrien Villanova was in town again for Belvedere Vodka RIVIERA party at Firoz. Something I cannot miss since I love his music. The party was great; It was fun hanging out with some familiar faces and new ones. Bano & eeMee fashion designer Aleem Arif made it to party with us that night too!
DJ Adrien Villanova from Paris, France photo source: noidea-blog

Diva Lounge Binzento Vincente

Thank you Tomi Mustapic for the invite to this fun party.

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  1. Awesome post, you got some amazing photos! It was a pleasure meeting you and we trust and hope that you enjoyed your time at the expo!

    Thanks for believing in us!

    - Septembryo

  2. It was great meeting you Binzento! Thank you again so much for the support.

    I enjoyed reading this post. All of your photos turned out so amazing! Hope you enjoyed the rest of your weekend!

    Thank you for believing in Septembryo!