Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hot One Inch Action at Sit./ Upcoming YYC Fashion Events

The party hadn't stop since its grand opening from my last blog post; Sit. Interiors continued connecting YYC with events that stimulated everyone's mind. 
Founders: Chris Bentzen and Jim Hoehnle

Hot One Inch Action is an annual one night social interaction event started 9 years ago by two Vancouverians Chris Bentzen and Jim Hoehnle. 50 best graphic/illustration designs submitted by independent artists were selected to be on the face of a one inch pin. With $5, you can purchase a pack of 5 random pins. Here's where the "social interaction" part comes in :) If you have a pin design you like, but not in the pack you purchased, you are encouraged to trade for your favourite pins with other people!
Started in Vancouver, the Hot One Inch Action became quite a popular and well received concept that it spread to other North American cities including Seattle, Portland, New York and San Francisco. It certainly is a pleasure to have this event come to Calgary and allowed our fellow representative artists to design one-of-a-kind pins.
The event attracted people of all ages, certainly an alternative activity for family night. At the event, some serious pin collectors even brought their own vintage pins to trade. Here are some more photos of the night and artists of their corresponding pin designs.

Binzento got his two most favourite pins!

To follow Hot One Inch Action for future events updates and such, here is their website: http://hotoneinchaction.com/


May 31st, 2012 6-8:30pm
Metropolitan Grill
Ladies! Join Fashion Calgary and enjoy a night all about YOU! Get the latest beauty and fashion scoop from industry specialists. Meet the latest trends by ABStyle, Guerlain Paris, ChiChi Couture and Nuage9. If you see Binzento Vincente taking photos at this event towards later that evening, be sure to come by and say HI! :)

It's finally that time of year again. PARK designer sample sale is one event you should not miss if you like unique pieces by our four top notch Canadian fashion designers: Paul Hardy, Caitlin Power, Laura Presber and Anne b Accessories.

Binzento Vincente - a fashion & lifestyle blog turns one year old!
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Friday, May 25, 2012

Sit. Interiors Grand Opening - Place For the Cool Kid w/ a Creative Mind

There was a major buzz around YYC this month, and it made fans of innovative designs happy. Sit. Interiors, a highly stylish furniture retail shop is finally opened! Sit. was concepted by two very passionate and established interior design experts Maddy Kelly and Dominic Blanchet of Domiciles Interiors. The shop is not all about furnitures, but also about providing a creative space for the creative minds to share artistic ideas and inspirations.
To make this shop more welcoming for local and/or international artists, and accessible to wider range of audience, Sit. Interiors decided to utilize its space for multiple pop-up events. There will be an on-going designer collaborative presentations for six months until October. I think it is a GREAT idea and a thoughtful way to make this space as dynamic as possible.
The grand opening party was a great opportunity to meet local artists of various disciplines. It was interesting to speak with some of the inviduals that night to try to understand their choice of medium to execute their ideas into art. The special guest for the evening was Matthew Hilton, an Elle Decoration Design for Best Furniture award winning UK based furniture designer. Matthew Hilton had previously designed for fashion designers Paul Smith and Koji Tatsuno.
Furniture designer: Matthew Hilton
Super cute and artsy children's furniture company Babybot is also currently showcasing their merchadize at Sit. Their children furnitures/toys/learning tools are one of a kind pieces for parents that appreciate high-design products as much as practicality. Baybot is an all online shop, where buyers can easily browse their products categorized by colour themes, designers, and functionality.
A good party usually consists of music (thanks to Kinfolk). There was also a great presence emerging local artists at the scene. Often attending fashion events, it was something unique to be able to meet a mixed crowd of: painters, sculptors, musicians, filmmakers, fashion/ interior designers, photographers etc… So "What Inspires YOU?" - Sit. asked. As of now I am inspired to tell my friends to check out this fabulous space for inspirations.
There will be a cool event happening tomororw (May 26th) at Sit. It's called HOT ONEINCH ACTION. A social event where people buy, collect, and trade 1" pins each uniquely designed by independent artists! Don't miss out :)

Addy: 820 11th Ave S.W. YYC
Sit. Interiors website: http://sitinteriors.com/
Twitter: @SitInteriors

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