Thursday, April 19, 2012

Walter Van Beirendonck Cheered Me Up/ Binzento Color Blocking Photos by Don Loyaga

I have not seen a single sunny day the past week here in YYC. The prolonged gloomy weather with alternating rain and snow literally drove me to a seasonal depression. To help boost my spirit up and drag myself out of the miserable mood, I tried to stay away anything that's black or any shades of grey. Referring to that, Walter Van Beirendonck was a great remedy to my recent depression problem. This Belgian fashion designer uses lots of bright, fun and child-like colours and designs that immediately paint my life back to happiness again.
The Plague Doctor

Walter Van Beirendonck is well known to incorporate "art" into his fashion pieces. Visually captivating, he uses strong graphic designs and unique colour combinations that makes his collections pops right out at your eyes and sinks right in to your head. Similarly, his Fall 2012 collection showcased bright sensual colours on traditional English gentlemen tailoring. The masks on models reminded me of a "plague doctor" during the Black Death in the 1300's, but this seemingly morbid imagery is reversed by the lively colours. 
I love creative ideas coming to life and become innovative work. My likes of Walter Van Beirendonck began when I saw his 2010 fashion collection. I appreciate the vivid remnants of retro pop-culture hidden behind a bigger futuristic theme. :)

photos courtesy: Walter Van Beirendonck

Aside from reading more colours, wearing colours was also important for me last week to keep myself optimistic. Photographer and the guy behind The Street Snapper Don Loyaga, took a few shots of Binzento Vincente last week during the snow storm (I know, it's mid-April and we are still facing this uneccessary weather hardships here in YYC). 
Ok! OK!… some readers asked me to do a style post… so here's the breakdown what I wore:
Sunglasses: Vblak
Leather Jacket: Style Auco (vintage)
Tee: 2cm
Belt: Gucci 
Pants: Brotherhood
Bag: Alexander Wang
Sneakers: Vans
Bracelets: Esprit

I decided to COLOUR BLOCK to protest the gloominess inside me. Don Loyaga took a few candid shots outdoor, which was originally planned indoor. I told Don, "lets shoot a few in the snow". I mean I don't really care. Yes, it was cold, but it had to be done because I reaaaallly need to get out before I go crazy!
Don Loyaga is a great photographer :) He's done various editorials for fashion magazine before prior to coming to Canada. Nowadays, he shoots wedding photos and streets of YYC. Check out his blog The Street Snapper: I was actually spotted by him last year :)

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  1. thanks for the kind words Vincent! you made me smile tonight! hope your alexander wang bag & leather jacket are all okay?! :)


    1. I thought the photos you took of me fits perfectly with my Walter Van Beirendonck post. The colourful photos made ME happy from all that snow.