Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Runway Monthly April 2012

Last night was the first season of Runway Monthly. Canada's first continuous monthly fashion event which occurs every second Tuesday of each month spanning from April to September. It is a huge step for the YYC fashion scene, because it keeps us interested in our local talents, and not having to restrict only focusing fashion events in two S/S and F/W sessions.
The first event showcased newest collections by YYC well known designers, Nicole Rita Tomney (NRT Fashions) and Kirsten Summersgill (Pout Clothing). Also adding inspiration by Artists Within stylist Crystal McKenzie, fashion provided by Primitive Culture. The event was hosted by Kyle Nylund. There was also a fashion trunk sale by Nuage 9 handbags.
Despite losing my photogs at the event due to unfortunate circumstance (which I am not going to talk about it here), I was able to snap few photos of people with my back-up camera. I am quite pleased to see the crowd had put a lot of effort on their outfits to make the night even more fascinating.

Now onto the show: (PHOTOS BY: Zev Vitaly Abosh of Fashionsign Magazine)

Nicole Rita Tomney (NRT Fashions)
The wild child Nicole Rita Tomney surprised us with a softer, gentle tone in her latest collection. Very different than her previous two (if you check my earlier posts about her work). Clearly, Nicole has evolved her work from a rock-hard-solid punker genre to a much more visually artistic theme. This transformation is refreshing. Nice work NRT.

Kirsten Summersgill (Pout Clothing)
Another unexpected transformation we saw that night by our 2nd showcasing designer, Kirsten Summersgill of Pout Clothing. This latest collection transcends casual women's wear to Japanese culturally inspired everyday fashion. It's apparent that Japanese geisha girls was in Kirsten's mind when she created this collection. A major "rouge and noir" combination further added a strong Asian theme. A "mysterious-play", I call it, outlined daring sex appeal in conservative Asian culture. 

Featured stylist: Crystal McKenzie with Primitive Culture
Stylist Crystal McKenzie of Artists Within utilized pieces from Primitive Culture showcased her vision of fashion. There was a blend of modern chic looks and peaceful bohemian styles displayed in  her inspirations. I do like all of the one piece dresses with prints that could very easily be a style in themselves - encouraging the minimalistic theme.
The first instalment of Runway Monthly was a success just by looking at the number of supporters and audience in participation. The second/ next instalment Runway Monthly will be on May 15th. Keep an eye on Binzento Vincente for more coverage of this event.

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  1. I knew I could trust you to give a great recap of the night, you have a wicked blog Vincent Law!

  2. Thanks for the comment and support! xx

  3. These photos are amazing! Love these looks!! As for those studded blazer, they're a defiant need where'd you get them?

  4. The blonde gentleman in the studded blazer is the designer for them. He made these pieces himself. His name is Daryl White - his labeled is D.W -

  5. I love the two first blazer!!! I want


    1. Thanks for the comment.
      Yes I love those blazers too :)

      PS: Keep up the good work with the blog.