Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Rising Stars of New Generation Bloggers

Nowadays there is a vast number of blogs to follow on the web, and various topics are being covered by "experts" in the field. In terms of style blogs, it's either a hit or miss; some style bloggers become social media/web celebrities over night. Couple characteristics I found shared across these "successful" bloggers are 1) They have a very unique sense of style that describes their personality. 2) They have a HUGE group of young teenagers as fan base. Binzento Vincente has his own favourites too! Here are FOUR new generation of bloggers I follow. Watch out folks, these are the rising stars on the web and social media:

1) The Tastemaker
blog: donuts605
One of Taiwan's (or even Asia's) celebrity fashion blogger. A fashion boutique owner and a style expert herself, the Tastemaker as the name implies, truly makes (fashion) taste statements. 
What makes the Tastemaker different than other bloggers is her versatility. She explores various trends and looks that are cutting edge. With the mixture of Western and Japanese inspired fashion style and adding her own personal touch, the Tastemaker cast her readers a "fashion spell" that inspires them to come back for more.

2) Dakotakoti
blog: dakotakoti
16 year old American Dakota Rose of Dakotakoti is a recent favourite of mine. What makes her unique is her love with the Asian culture, and a pretty face that resembles Japanese anime characters. Her YouTube channel teaches all the "how to" tutorials from fashion, to hair, to make-up, all inspired by Japanese styles. She earned a huge fan base in Asia, especially in Japan, given that she speaks fluent Japanese and of course her kawaii face. Dakota Rose was featured on television all over Asia, and recently featured on a morning Japanese TV program!

I am 100% confident that Dakotakoti will be a super star one day in Asia, starting from Japan. She mentioned in her blog that she will be booked to Tokyo very soon. 

3) Kiki Kannibal
website: kiki Kannibal
Kirsten Leigh of Kiki Kannibal is more than just a fashion statement. She designs, makes art, produce music and even launched her own online store. One would consider her a young social media business entrepreneur. 
Her online store sells fashion and accessories inspired by her. Also you'll find artwork, music she produces and even vegan/vegetarian guides. Like Dakota Rose, Kirsten Leigh had gotten a lot of media  attention. There was an even article about her in The Rolling Stone Magazine. In fact Kiki Kannibal and Dakotakoti are real good sisters. Both girls had big dreams of becoming big one day. They are half way there!! Keep it up girls.

4) Gavin Lindemuth
Tumblir: iwasgavin
Okay… I am not a huge Tumblir user, but when I recently got back to it, I found Gavin Lindemuth. Most of his posts were fashion inspiration, but it sure helped keeping my creative juices flowing in my head when I had writer's block.
Something about Gavin Lindemuth's Tumblir is fascinating. Not sure what it is, maybe his inspiration represented our current teen pop-culture. Or perhaps, there is the idea of timeless youth that makes his blog energetic but at the same time enigmatic. Like other "rising stars", he has a huge number of followers. 

Photo courtesy: Tastemaker, Dakotakoti, KikiKannibal, IwasGavin

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