Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Liking the "Rocha's"

I've made a couple purchases of Simone Rocha, an Ireland based fashion designer, pieces last year to add to my fashion collection. I loved the way she utilized mesh materials to create the transparent free-flowing look, and sheer fabrics that characterized pure innocence. In fact, she has also been one of Lady Gaga's chosen designers for her fashion forward statement. Talent certainly runs in the family. Her father, John Rocha, a Hong Kong born fashion designer is also one of my inspirations.
Simone Rocha and John Rocha

Simone Rocha 2012 Collection

I find both Rochas' have very distinctive visions. While Simone Rocha uses a lot of cream colour, sometimes over-sized, and imaginative shapes in her designs, John Rocha primarily focuses on dramatic black cuts and sartorial elegance. His men's collection is refined and well tailored, displaying confidence, power and modern style. Below are some of the works in his Simone Rocha 2012 collection, for both men and women, during London Fashion Week. (Photos source:,, Simone Rocha)
John Rocha 2012 Collection at London Fashion Week

Currently, John Rocha store is located only in London, UK. I do hope that one day him and his daughter's work can spread to the audience here in North America. Perhaps expanding their showcase to fans like myself, and make these pieces easily accessible. :)

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