Monday, April 30, 2012

Binzento Vincente x DRESS ME BLOG Collaboration = "East Meets West" Life of a Blogger

After the long wait, Binzento Vincente first blog collaboration with DRESS ME BLOG is finally out!
"East Meets West" Life of a Blogger
The girl behind DRESS ME BLOG, Jasmine Webster, is a New Zealand fashionista who now scouts and report fashion news and trends in Hong Kong.
DRESS ME BLOG founder Jasmine Webster

Jasmine has definitely made much contributions to the Hong Kong fashion community. She has established #HKFashionBloggers, an internet savvy community that brings all of the Hong Kong fashion bloggers together. She is also a style judge for a program on Fashion One TV called "Correspondent Search". Previously, she was nominated for Fashion Blogger of the Year in Marie Claire!

The project "East Meets West" Life of a Blogger is a highlight of per week activity of Binzento Vincente and DRESS ME BLOG. Jasmine and I realized there was an exchange of cultures between the two blogs; Her being a westerner, and is now living in Hong Kong, an Asian metropolitan, and me blending in the western culture in Canada, originated from Hong Kong.
"East Meets West" Life of a Blogger revealed both Binzento Vincente and DRESS ME BLOG day-to-day lifestyles. Of course aside from the "fun", we have our families, work, and relationships. What I realized though was that, although we are from different countries, and now living in opposite ends of the globe, we as bloggers share the common passion to create for our readers. My conclusion to "Life as (Serious Fashion) Bloggers" is "We all may have different tastes and expectations in fashion and style, but our honest soulful hearts to scout and create the best stories for our readers is absolutely universal."

Below is the breakdown of Binzento Vincente (Calgary, Canada) and DRESS ME BLOG (Hong Kong, China) per week (Monday to Sunday) activity.   







I had so much fun doing this collaborative work with DRESS ME BLOG. Her and I will continue to serve our local fashion community. We hope that our dedication and hard work will help prosper the fashion scene and contribute the success of fashion talents.

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Photos: DRESS ME BLOG, Binzento Vincente
Designs: Binzento Vincente

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