Monday, March 19, 2012

PARKshow 2012

Last weekend was the long waited PARKshow 2012, which showcased a series of fashion collections by our local designers. This season's PARK fashion show was sold out at least one week prior to the event, which again proved YYC became more aware of our local fashion scene. What made me kinda happy was to see the increasing number of corporate sponsors (ie: Mercedez Benz and Heinekin) involvement to support the fashion event. As a non-profit organization such as PARK, they've done a good job in their marketing and promotion. 
photo by: Ania B

KO, Andrew T. and I got our front row seats at the runway show, where each of us got a gift bag full of goodies, a current issue of FASHION Magazine, and cupcakes from Buttercream Bakery. Kinda cool how they placed all the bloggers on the same row; we had Mr. Fabulous and The Girl With The Messy Hair on our right, and Aldona B from Swerve Magazine and Calgary Fashion on our left. I also came across friends, fashionistas, and familiar faces that I haven't seen in a while. It's always nice to catch up with them. 
with Ania B 

with The Girl With The Messy Hair and KO

There were a total of 12 Canadian fashion designers showcasing their latest collection that night, in the order from casual wear, to semi-formal and formal wear. They were Light & Soul Apparel, Ekumenik, Hoakon + Helga, Bano eeMee, Rebecca King, Dionne Dionne, Chantel Traub, Apiana Que, MaNoKin, Ruby Woo Couture, Emogene Couture, and KARA by Kara Chomistek. All the pieces were presented on the runway by Sophia Models International
Some of my favourite pieces of the night were by Dione Dione, Bano eeMee and MaNoKin. I guess I was more drawn toward their simplified and sophisticated styles. Overall, it was a pretty smooth show, and the audience was engaged. However, one of my comments would be the consistency of the collections. Due to the number of designers being showcased in one night, it was difficult to find a coherent theme, especially when there was a mixed of S/S and F/W fashions. The show finale ended with a hip hop dance performance.
After the show, we stopped by KO's favourite Chef Mario's pizza truck where we had his famous "apricot and brie" pizza. HEAVENLY!
Binzento Vincente and KO finishes their night with lots of delicious calories

Thank you so much KO for introducing us Chef Mario's masterpiece! :P Congratulations to PARK for hosting yet another successful event. I look forward to their next event, and I am sure from this experience, it will only get better.

photos taken by: Binzento Vincente, KO and Rania Al-Naimi

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