Thursday, March 8, 2012

Marni for H&M/ Notify Jeans SS12/ My Tehran For Sale Screening + Director Q&A

1) Marni for H&M
I am sure all fashinista know Marni collabration work with H&M is officially launching in stores in a few hours (March 8th). It's kinda big deal here in YYC since this is the first time H&M is bringing its high quality designer-collaboration collection into the city. Unfortunately, before the news about Marni is doing something with H&M, many Calgarians doesn't even know the existence of this innovative Italian fashion house. However, I am grateful to know about the availability here, which means the fashion scene and market in this city are no doubt growing. Whether if Calgarians are thrilled enough to line-up before sunrise (like in NYC) for them is yet to discover, but for now I will comment that  personally I like what I am seeing, and to a certain extent more than the last season's Versace collaboration.
You can browse the rest of the collection in the H&M lookbook here:

2) Notify Jeans S/S12
Recently I am really drawn to Paris, France based jeans label Notify. I think their designs are great trying to re-live the skinny jeans moment. I especially like their S/S12 jeans for guys; the styles really measured out to exploit a simple sleek look. Avoid from using too much fanciness that may clutter our eyes.
You can browse all of Notify jeans current collection in their official website:

3) My Tehran For Sale - Meeting the director
Binzento Vincente and blog correspondent KO went on a movie date tonight. We both love independent films, and I am usually pretty good at reading synopsis and reviews before watching the full-length movie. This time was different. When KO mentioned about watching the screening of this film hosted by the Iranian Gulf Club, I was not hesitant to sign up for it without knowing what the film was actually about. My Tehran For Sale, directed by Granaz Mousavi is the first collaboration film between Iran and Australia productions. The entire film was shot in Tehran. The story is based on a young female actress living in Tehran named Marzieh. "The authorities ban her theatre work and, like all young people in Iran, she is forced to lead a secret life in order to express herself artistically. At an underground rave, she meets Iranian born Saman, now an Australian citizen, who offers her a way out of her country and the possibility of living without fear." -IMDb
The movie, initially a student project, became an award winning film in multiple international film festivals. What was intriguing was that the main actress, Marzieh (same name as the character) was arrested for "indecency" shaving her head for the film in Iran. She was interrogated and imprisoned for 3 months due to being a part of this film, which ironically aligned with the plot of the movie.
Binzento Vincente with movie director Granaz Mousavi

Director Granaz Mousavi was also present to do a Q&A session. Binzento Vincente asked her how this movie may impact future film making in Iran and freedom of expression of the younger and educated generation. Granaz said she was very touched by the response from her fellow Iranians, and how they felt inspired striving to express themselves in their country. I also loved the Iranian underground music Granaz had chosen to be a part of the dialogues in the film. To foreign audience, this film shed some knowledge to understand more about the Iranian culture. This movie is important for Iranian film making, as it touch based on the lives of the middle class, which usually lacks in Iranian productions. I also feel that this movie can be seen as a critical turning-point for artists in Iran and Iranian's art and culture; it's a realization of  human hardships and courage to pursue
My Tehran For Sale Trailer

My Tehran For Sale is now available to purchase download in North America. You can also look for it on Thank you KO for the invitation and be sure to check out her movie review which should be up soon! :)

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