Monday, March 26, 2012

The Le Château Revolution - A Change For The Better

Recently Binzento Vincente was invited to stop by the newly renovated Le Château at The Core Shopping Centre. The Canadian fashion company was founded and established in the late 50's by Herschel Segal in Montreal, Quebec, since then it became one of the most recognizable Canada based fashion retails. In the early 90's (when I was still very young), I remembered Le Château used to be a popular store young hipsters shop at. Over the years, I found the company slowly migrated its focus on producing cheap clothing to maximize profit, and somehow neglected fashion sense and styles. What's more distasteful was the once a proud Canadian fashion became "not-so-Canadian" anymore, almost all of the products were not produced locally. When I was to the point of giving up and almost forgotten this label, Le Château once again captured my attention. I can see that the company is trying to rebuild its image to bring back to its original roots. 
Having not been in a Le Château boutique in years, I was happy to see a shift from the tacky nightclub designs to a more sophisticated, and professional preppy styles. The "reinvented" Le Château located at The Core downtown YYC is approximately 6000 sq ft. in space and two levels.  80% of the products were finally brought back to "Made in Canada". What amazed me was some of the clothing were also "Made in Italy". Although their prices have gone up, however the quality of the clothing material matched up to reflect this increase. 
I also liked that the men's line which became really discreet, and quite reserved to fit young business men. I've heard people telling me that they began to gain confidence in Le Château again and shopped with them. Le Château was kind enough and gave me a gift card to shop. Feeling positive about their new image, I picked up couple pieces that I can wear on my preppy days to work. The long forgotten Le Château triggered my sentimental memory of the old days. That evening when I got home, I dug out my previous purchases back (dated 15 years ago) from the old Le Château, where Canadian fashion was still Made in Canada. To be honest, these retro Le Château pieces still rock the trend. The "revolution of Le Château" to restore its image is an honourable decision to appreciate anyone who enjoys fashion and support Canadian fashion companies. The change is no doubt for the better, and I really like it.
Thank you Le Château and also Jason Krell for the invitation.

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  1. You should model some of the old pieces for us!

    1. :) Thank you. Definitely something to keep in mind. I have many of their summer pieces.