Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fashion Calgary Model Contest/ Binzento Features/ Kyle Shewfelt Inspiration

So many events are coming up in the next couple weeks and I am extremely excited to cover all of them. :) One of them is the upcoming PARK Fashion Show this Saturday. I heard that tickets were already sold out one week prior to the event. I am proud of PARK for their effort supporting the local fashion scene. Keep it up guys!

Fashion Calgary Model Contest
Another group of individuals I recently met, Anna Basak and Rafal Wegiel, the founders of Fashion Calgary also shares the vision to flourish Calgary's fashion scene. Binzento Vincente was honoured to be invited as a guest to their model contest photoshoot. 
The concept was to discover new fresh faces for fashion designers/ brands of Calgary. Anna Basak is a make-up artist/stylist and Rafal Wegiel is a professional fashion editorial photographer. The duo had years of experience in the fashion industry in Europe prior their permanent stay here in Canada. I was moved by their drive and motivation to upgrade YYC fashion industry. It's tough here working for fashion, and as we all know, having passion is what kept most of us going. This city is actually fortunate to have perspectives from outsiders like Anna and Rafal who have already dip their feet in the fashion water.
Hairstylist Jami Symons was the official hairstylist for the contest, while Gustav Nel was the videographer. After evaluation by a panel of judges including Brett Wilson, Mike Ruiz, Loris Drian, and Jami Symons, a final decision was made and Kristina Saliko became the winner of the Fashion Calgary Model Contest! Congratulations Kristina! None could happen without the help from some of the people in the local fashion industry, such as ZENOBIA who provided many of the clothing pieces for models photoshoot.
Congratz! Krstina

Binzento Vincente with Fashion Calgary and Jami Symons

Thanks again to Anna and Rafal for their warm welcome and support for Binzento Vincente blog. Being named by one of the "best" fashion blogs in Calgary by you guys is a HUGE compliment. A city in its infant stage in the fashion scene like Calgary really needs everyone who wants its to work hand-in-hand, nurturing it to become something bigger. 

I am absolutely flattered that Calgary Herald and Swerve Magazine recently featured Binzento Vincente in their publications. You can read the story here: http://www.calgaryherald.com/entertainment/Vincent/6167648/story.html
Photos by: Aldona B

However, the person I need to thank the most is my interviewee and photographer Aldona B. She had given so many kind words in her article about Binzento Vincente. You can also visit her blog and the feature here: http://polkadotpetticoat.blogspot.com/2012/03/lovely-and-talented-vincent-law.html

Inspired by Kyle Shewfelt
Kyle Shewfelt chatting with the Team USA 
About this time last year, I was sent by my network to do an interview with Kyle Shewfelt and also 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics Gold Medal China's Men Gymnastic Team. Kyle Shewfelt is Calgary's very own Olympian, who won a Gold Medal on men's floor exercise competition in 2004 Athens Summer Olympic Games. Although now he is retired from Gymnastic, he is still very active in the athletes community. 
Kyle Shewfelt at 2004 Athens Summer Olympics

The gymnastic competition (Kyle Shewfelt Gymnastic Festival) he organized last year invited USA men's gymnastic and China men's gymnastic teams along with the Canada's home team go head to head for a friendly competition here in Calgary. 
Binzento Vincente with Team China

 Team Canada

Team USA
I've been following his blog ever since my interview with him last year. In his recent post, he wrote the ways to successfully "achieve something great…". There were 8 points that he wrote, the 2nd point struck me the most: " Focus on the details. Every top athlete in the world is finitely focused on the details. It’s about the way you land, the way you catch your release skill with legs glued together, etc. These are what make the biggest difference. The pointed toes, the straight knees…all of this translates into life beyond gymnastics and sport. Those who place an importance on the details are the one’s who rise to the top. Perfection is when you take 100% effort and make it look effortless." - Very true Kyle. I think this applies not only to athletes, but everything we do in life. Like a quote I once learned: "A man can feel content of what he has, but should not feel content for what he is..". Striving to reach perfection brings you to the top, while giving excuses for not trying will never bring you to the goal you wish to achieve. You can read Kyle's full blog post here :) http://kyleshewfelt.blogspot.com/2012/02/if-you-want-to-achieve-something-great.html - a good reminder for all of us who wants to achieve something great in life.

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