Monday, February 13, 2012

A Very SCHMANCY Night at The Glenbow

Binzento Vincente was invited to the 1st ever SCHMANCY at the Glenbow Museum YYC past weekend. SCHMANCY is a fundraiser event to raise money to support our local Glenbow Museum. It's also a fun, and action-packed social event bringing together some of YYC most important socialites. We all heard complaints about the lack of support for the art and culture community in our city, and the lack of the younger generation showing an interest to participate. SCHMANCY is a vehicle in hopes to break that barrier, inviting the young audience and tell them "YYC does care and love art and culture". 
With keynote speaker Jian Ghomeshi

There were over 1000 guests at the event. Among them include celebrities Brett Wilson and Jay Ingrim. The highlight of the night however, got to be the keynote speaker Jian Ghomeshi, a famous Canadian broadcaster  for CBC Radio One, a writer and musician. Jian's talk addressed the culture of pop-culture and how social media can be translated as an educational tool to bring important social events and political messages to the younger generation. To be honest, this is my first time listening to Jian live. Most of his points in his talk validated my opinion about the roles of social media, and how it greatly impacted the ever dynamic technological society. However Jian, I must say as much as you mentioned how social media made our world "smaller" and brought us as "one", it also segregated us from what's fiction and reality. I find that social media sometimes tend to "blur" the lines between what's true and what's not. We often want quick information without having to do real research on the details. Jian's story about his visit in the Philippines for World Vision and how social media impacted the children there was inspiring. I do agree that pop-culture is a form of culture and social media is definitely one of today's society's major pop-cultures.
KO and Binzento

This is mostly a fashion blog afterall. I certainly found many stylish people that night. One of them of course was my lovely correspondent KO, which is also one of the committee members of the SCHMANCY event (KO arrived New York today to cover F/W2012 New York Fashion Week, so more blog post on that to come!). The entire Glenbow was opened for this event, and each floor was filled with different activities, including silent auction, live music, open bars, photo booths and even stations to make fascinator/hats. Guests were also invited to browse the current art exhibits at the museum. 

Brett Wilson wearing a very unique avant garde piece made of multiple ties. Was definitely one of the most talked about things of the night

Ex-host of Daily Planet Jay Ingrim. He was a keynote speaker for last year's Alberta Graduate Conference which Binzento attended.

Jill Belland, host of the night, looked beautiful as always.

The host of the evening was the beautiful Jill Belland, other familiar faces include the Espy stylists, Blo, blogger Mr. Fabulous, Holt Renfrew team, and Illfx dance crew. Binzento Vincente had lots to drink and certainly was one of the most fabulous nights of the month. I congratulate Glenbow Museum for the success of making this event happen. Binzento Vincente is a real supporter of local culture scene and is hoping to reveal the best of YYC worldwide. Below are some more fabulous photos of people I took that night.

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