Wednesday, February 22, 2012

PINK Frosted Gala 2012

Binzento Vincente was invited as a guest to the Pink Frosted Gala 2012 hosted by Dori's Diamonds at the Carriage House Inn past weekend. Although this is my first time attending the Pink Frosted Gala, this is in fact its 4th annual event. Dorian Dunkley (Dori), the owner of Dori's Diamonds, and the director/ CEO of the Pink Frosted Gala said this event had expanded in size each year. This year's gala was intended to be held close to Valentine's Day and bring all the "sweetness" of art, fashion, and music to our local entrepreneurs and socialites.
Dorian Dunkley (on right) with model
Fashion designs by MaNoKin and Ruby Ellen specifically for the Pink Frosted Gala
The event was also a part of a fundraiser opportunity, through silent auction, for the Cerebral Palsy Association. The main events of the night include fashion shows by MaNoKin and Ruby Ellen Designs, performance by the talented electric violinist Sophie Serafino, fashion performance by Dori's Dolls and band music entertainment by Kirby Sewell Band. There were quite a few vendors participated this event too: Niche Handbags, Blo Dry Bar, Catalaya Floral Designs, Yann Haute Patisserie, international fragrances brand LVMH and Remax Real Estate Graeme Affleck.
I have to say I am very impressed by Dori's talent and effort hosting such a well rounded event, inviting people from various industries to participate a night of art, music and fashion. Before I met Dori, I thought she would be much older than she actually is, given the fact that she already established her own brand (Dori's Diamonds), and directed a yearly event this big. Therefore I was quite surprised when I finally met her: a young & edgy entrepreneur who has the passion to unite art and culture with the corporate world.
Ruby Ellen & Lana (Eleven:Eleven Boutique)

MaNoKin designer: Marsina King

There were five major highlights for Binzento Vincente that night: 1) Dori's fiancé was actually in one of my art classes during my freshman year at the university. 2) A collaboration of two local fashion designers: MaNoKin and Ruby Ellen Designs 3) I met an older couple who knew NOBODY at the event. They were not a part of the art & fashion scene. I had a nice chat with them and they told me they found out about Pink Frosted Gala on a website. They decided to purchase the gala tickets to explore the current social/ culture scene in YYC. This is a proof of Dori's success reaching outward to the community, congratulations on that. 4) A mix group of fashion industry insiders, musicians, artists and business people from the corporate world fascinates me. It is somewhat a rare scene here in Calgary. It's different, and I enjoyed it. 5) Oh… last but not least, a white chocolate fondue fountain.
Violinist: Sophie Serafino

Photographer: David Luckman
Saco Salon/ Academy & friends attended Pink Frost Gala

Elle from Calgary Fashion

Binzento Vincente had a great time at the event.

The Pink Frosted Gala like Dori's promise, was filled with surprises. Regardless if "pink" suits everyone's taste or not, it's the genuineness to help local businesses to prosper that's made this event meaningful. Binzento Vincente had stumbled upon some old friends, as well as met new ones. Thank you Dori for the warm welcome and invitation to Pink Frosted Gala and I look forward to attend the next one.

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