Monday, February 6, 2012

NRT Fashions F/W 2012: "Drop Dead" - Awesome

Binzento Vincente was at the Nicole Rita Tomney (NRT) Fashions F/W12 collection fashion show: "Drop Dead" past weekend at fashion show hot spot, Sociale Grand Theatre Junction. Once again, NRT brought her signature dark/gothic theme into her designs. In this newest NRT collection, it's evident that NRT's craftsmanship have matured and evolved since her last collection at Fabricated 2011.
While we expect no less form NRT in terms of originality, punk-rocker, and avant garde designs, it was clear to me that Nicole placed functionality as one of her priorities in this collection. I especially liked the black hoodie zip-up jacket, and is certainly my favourite piece of the night. The detailing textiles and fabric NRT selected for "Drop Dead" collection further displayed the designer's creative vision. I have my eyes set for couple pieces and may have to ask Nicole for them :). In summary, "Drop Dead" by NRT for F/W12 have raised the bar for our local fashion designers. NRT - as of now, you are "Drop Dead" Awesome!
NRT Fashions designer: Nicole Rita Tomney with Binzento Vincente
April Showers with Binzento Vincente
Models: I Model Management

Sociale was packed with people that night for NRT. There were familiar faces and friends I see all the time at fashion events, and also new ones. Below are photos I took.
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