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It's been one week since my last post…Oh, how I missed writing on my blog. I've been swamped with work these days and it was just difficult to find the time to sit down and write here. :) Well "later better than never", here are some updates from Binzento Vincente. launching in March
Recently Binzento Vincente signed up for an upcoming fashion store website from the UK:

StyleGun sees the need and market for men's online shopping experience. The site will officially launch in March. The concept is basically a virtual closet and dressing room where you can pick and choose outfits from selected brands that best matches your body type, skin tone and taste in fashion. It also provides a 3D map to summarize the look before making any purchases. 

Intelligent clothing for men
You don’t have time to trawl the shops, flick through style magazines or surf endless pages on the web to keep your image up to date. So let the experts do the leg work while you get on with your day. No more wasted time, just intelligently collated collections from a honed selection of brands and great technology to help you browse them.

Style meets Science
Our Bodymap technology allows you to filter our store to find clothes that map your individual build, colour palette and style preference. Our systems do the hard work but it’s not the computer dressing you. All the important calls are made by our in-house team of menswear buyers and style consultants, who individually examine all of our clothes to evaluate fit, style and colour profile. If you have any questions, you can give the team a call or drop them an email. Or just tell them the kind of thing you want and let them find it for you. And once you think you know what you want, you can try it on in our virtual dressing room and spec out an outfit on our photoreal outfit builder. StyleGun means no more guesswork.

Be there at the beginning
Leading men’s designer fashion brands have already signed up to StyleGun. They include John Smedley, Farhi, Aquascutum, Hartford, American Vintage, J Brand, Dockers, Anderson, Loft, Wrangler, Sebago, Cheaney, Oliver Sweeney, Scotch & Soda, Wolsey, Calabrese, Scott Nichol, Redwing and more, with new brands signing up every day.

I actually can't wait to see what the site will look like and the service they will provide. In fact, it says if you sign up as their start-up member, you will be eligible for a £50 voucher on purchases :) 

$100,000 Louis Vuitton clutch
You are not reading this wrong, and I didn't place an extra digit by accident. This S/S12 Louis Vuitton collection piece Coquille dOeuf Minaudiere is being sold for $100K. This evening clutch exterior is hand glued with more than 12,000+ pieces of egg shells, which took the craftsmen more than 600 hours, that's 25 weeks or half a year to finish. The interior is made of lamb skin. Only 5 pieces made worldwide. The product actually looked like a marble finish, with smooth edges. Worthwhile? maybe…if you got more than enough money to spare.

Meeting the Hitmen Boys 
Rarely this blog talks about sports, but Binzento Vincente was recently sent to attend one of the games. Our YYC junior hockey Hitmen team matched up against Edmonton Oil Kings last week at the Saddledome. What's special about this game was it's Hitmen's 5th annual Lunar New Year celebration game. Our official Canadian sport is welcoming the ever diverse Canadian culture by bringing more excitement on to hockey. The Hitmen team decided to blend in with the Chinese New Year traditions. Binzento Vincente represented the network and met/interviewed some of the Hitmen players, the star of the night Brady Brassart and team captain Cody Slyvester. 
The Hitmen Lunar Game consisted half-time Chinese dragon/lion dance on ice as well as an indoor fireworks finale. I was quite surprised to see the dragon dancers were able to jump up and down on the slippery ice. The team lost to the Oil Kings that night, but the fans still had a blast with all the entertainment. I was at this event previous year as well, I enjoyed this year's energy much better.

YAHOO fashion critics…need to rethink?
I am sure many of you watched the Oscars past Sunday. For fashion enthusiast, the things they paid most attention about is what stars wore on the red carpet. The now famous "Angelina Jolie's leg is all over the web/blogs. Personally, I found people gave that waaay too much attention, and is literally over-rated. Don't get me wrong, she's beautiful, and I did like her ensemble, but little bit of flesh doesn't make her "the fashion icon" nor "stylish". I actually found Gwyneth Paltrow's white dress and cape more subtle and elegant. Well…that's not what YAHOO fashion critics thinks… 
Angelina Jolie: Fashion Grade: A+
Gwyneth Paltrow: Fashion Grade: D???
I know beauty is subjective, and I don't believe Gwyneth Paltrow deserves an A…(maybe a B) but a D??? Really? Yahoo Fashion Critics..? Don't wanna be rude, but I think most of us believe you guys need to re-evaluate… Miss Keibler got a C+ on her style…but in my opinion, the gold suited her well.

One of my favourite couples (fashion wise) this year was Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.
The royal blue colour is my recent favourite. It was simple, and Tom looked normal.

PARK (Fashion) Show 2012 is coming in less than two weeks (March 10th). Binzento Vincente will be there to do some coverage. If you are in YYC, and interested, be sure to buy your ticket today! You can get them here -->

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

PINK Frosted Gala 2012

Binzento Vincente was invited as a guest to the Pink Frosted Gala 2012 hosted by Dori's Diamonds at the Carriage House Inn past weekend. Although this is my first time attending the Pink Frosted Gala, this is in fact its 4th annual event. Dorian Dunkley (Dori), the owner of Dori's Diamonds, and the director/ CEO of the Pink Frosted Gala said this event had expanded in size each year. This year's gala was intended to be held close to Valentine's Day and bring all the "sweetness" of art, fashion, and music to our local entrepreneurs and socialites.
Dorian Dunkley (on right) with model
Fashion designs by MaNoKin and Ruby Ellen specifically for the Pink Frosted Gala
The event was also a part of a fundraiser opportunity, through silent auction, for the Cerebral Palsy Association. The main events of the night include fashion shows by MaNoKin and Ruby Ellen Designs, performance by the talented electric violinist Sophie Serafino, fashion performance by Dori's Dolls and band music entertainment by Kirby Sewell Band. There were quite a few vendors participated this event too: Niche Handbags, Blo Dry Bar, Catalaya Floral Designs, Yann Haute Patisserie, international fragrances brand LVMH and Remax Real Estate Graeme Affleck.
I have to say I am very impressed by Dori's talent and effort hosting such a well rounded event, inviting people from various industries to participate a night of art, music and fashion. Before I met Dori, I thought she would be much older than she actually is, given the fact that she already established her own brand (Dori's Diamonds), and directed a yearly event this big. Therefore I was quite surprised when I finally met her: a young & edgy entrepreneur who has the passion to unite art and culture with the corporate world.
Ruby Ellen & Lana (Eleven:Eleven Boutique)

MaNoKin designer: Marsina King

There were five major highlights for Binzento Vincente that night: 1) Dori's fiancé was actually in one of my art classes during my freshman year at the university. 2) A collaboration of two local fashion designers: MaNoKin and Ruby Ellen Designs 3) I met an older couple who knew NOBODY at the event. They were not a part of the art & fashion scene. I had a nice chat with them and they told me they found out about Pink Frosted Gala on a website. They decided to purchase the gala tickets to explore the current social/ culture scene in YYC. This is a proof of Dori's success reaching outward to the community, congratulations on that. 4) A mix group of fashion industry insiders, musicians, artists and business people from the corporate world fascinates me. It is somewhat a rare scene here in Calgary. It's different, and I enjoyed it. 5) Oh… last but not least, a white chocolate fondue fountain.
Violinist: Sophie Serafino

Photographer: David Luckman
Saco Salon/ Academy & friends attended Pink Frost Gala

Elle from Calgary Fashion

Binzento Vincente had a great time at the event.

The Pink Frosted Gala like Dori's promise, was filled with surprises. Regardless if "pink" suits everyone's taste or not, it's the genuineness to help local businesses to prosper that's made this event meaningful. Binzento Vincente had stumbled upon some old friends, as well as met new ones. Thank you Dori for the warm welcome and invitation to Pink Frosted Gala and I look forward to attend the next one.

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Goodbye Esprit/ Florals too much…/ Ausländer’s SS12/ Adrian Grenier SHFT Red Wine/ Upcoming Event PARKSHOW 2012

Goodbye Esprit

Walked by Esprit store today and found out that the Hong Kong based apparel company is closing all of their stores in North America. It made me cried a little. I always felt sentimental about Esprit. I grew up with them, and it's heart-breaking to see them go down hill like this, which mostly I believe was due to their bad creative direction and marketing. In the spirit of supporting my local (Hong Kong) products and the sentimental feeling. I made a final purchase from them here in North America.
Esprit. Thank you for all those fond memories in the past.


I saw the new window display my friend did for Zara last week…it was FLORALS & FLORALS & FLORALS… 

MORE FLORALS in the March issue of Marie Claire Mag…
&…Stella McCartney...
I am sure you get the point. I know it's a spring and summer hit this year, but…anything else..? I did like them. All these florals "everywhere" now are starting to get boring & overwhelmed quickly. Just Saying.
Rick Genest & Andrej Pejic for Ausländer’s SS12
These gents are everywhere in the fashion scene these days. The Zombie Boy, Rick Genest and The Androgynous Boy, Andrej Pejic; Two unique men are paired up for the Ausländer’s SS12 campaign. Not something super unexpected, but I still find this duo "once in a life time experience" feeling.
photos source: laberlisienne

Binzento featured in SWERVE Magazine
Binzento Vincente was featured in this week's Swerve Magazine. You can read the full article here:
Thank you Swerve Magazine and Aldona B for her kind words and write-up/photos.

Finally, got an email from Adrian Grenier and he wants to pass this message along. 
His SHFT House Wine is officially on sale on GILT TASTE. SHFT is the winner of Jury Prize and People's Voice Webby Awards. Check out their full article here:

Upcoming Event:
If you are into the fashion scene here in YYC. I urge this is an event you SHOULDN'T miss. PARKSHOW 2012, showcasing the greatest talents in fashion, art and culture in this city. 

Date: MARCH 10th 2012
Location: Palliser South Tower, 140-10 Ave SW
Pre-sale tickets: $15 each, purchase online here:
Limited tickets at the door: $20
*Subject to capacity after 8:00pm

For more info: Check out their FACEBOOK page:

Binzento Vincente attended the Pink Frost Gala event this weekend. I met so many great people that night. Look out for the blog post about it very soon!!

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