Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012!! Another Year, Another Chapter to Binzento Vincente/ Fashion TV NYE Party

HAPPY 2012 everyone! I hope everyone had a great New Years Eve. My first blog post in the new year, and it's going to be on readers appreciation. I couldn't believe it's only been 6 months since Binzento Vincente, a fashion and lifestyle blog, was established. Looking back few months ago to my older posts, I was shocked to see how this blog evolved within a few months. 

Half a year doesn't seem like it's a long period of time, but strangely, I felt I'd been writing forever. Maybe because of the countless memorable things that had happened to me and this blog, and above all, the generous supporters out there who followed and read my blog. Honestly, I couldn't do this without the love and kindness from my readers. I like to sincerely say "Thank You". Especially would like to thank my correspondents KO and Andy T, who went around to scoop writing materials and tok photos for Binzento
2012 will be a new chapter for Binzento Vincente. A new collaboration is on the way with Jasmine Webber of DRESS ME BLOG, and more Binzento crossovers with designers are in the talks. "Real People w/ Real Styles" column will become more interesting than ever! More stylish individuals will be featured from different parts of the world. Also, "Binzento Finds…" column will begin to focus towards the lifestyle aspects in the community. 
Being nominated for "Best New Canadian Blog 2011" for this year's "Canadian Blog Awards" is a huge milestone for me. Win or lose, it's a privilege to be even considered, knowing that there are many many new blogs emerge across the country every year. Vote for Binzento Vincente here :) --> (
Fashion TV wishes everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012

My 2011 ended with a good note. On New Years Eve, I went to Fashion TV NYE Party at Ubu Lounge YYC, hosted bTHOMAS LYNCH EVENTS and SOCIAL HOUSE MEDIA. I got spotted and interviewed by Fashion TV, which was aired live. Knowing that I am a fashion blogger, I was asked about how I felt with the fashion scene at the party, and also what I am hoping to see in fashion in 2012. I was also asked to give a live brief intro "I am… and you are watching Fashion Television".
Spotted by Fashion TV

The main DJ of the night was Adrien Villanova from Paris, France. He'd been in town before, and I love his music. He was partly the reason why I went. Adrien is one of the features in "Real People w/ Real People" in 2012, where he will talk about his personal style. Be sure to come back check it out!

Here are some of the people/friends at the party that night!
Binzento Vincente will continue to work hard in 2012. I will be doing a "Binzento's TOP 3's of 2011" in upcoming blog posts, to talk about some of my most favourites in 2011. In the next 12 months, I hope to deliver the most exciting news on fashion, emerging designers and lifestyle to my audience locally and internationally :).

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