Sunday, January 29, 2012

CLASSIC: A Collaborative Celebration

There is a lot to celebrate this month. It's the 100th year anniversary at the YYC Grand Theatre Junction, and that makes it extra special to host birthday parties in this sentimental venue. This month is our beloved industry specialists: Sabrina May, Mike Addams and Zev Abosh's birthdays, so they decided to host all their birthday parties past weekend simultaneously and created an event called CLASSIC at the Grand Theatre (Sociale Bar). In addition to birthdays, CLASSIC was also a party for the married couple Trena and Aaron's 5th year anniversary.
CLASSIC was a 1920's, 1930's theme party, in conjunction to the Grand Theatre past time style. I found it totally in sync with the recent hype of Emmy Award winning, and Academy Awards nominated silent film "The Artist".

Here are some of the photos at CLASSIC:
Daniela and birthday peeps: Sabrina, Mike

Below is the schedule of all live performances that day/night :)

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Guest BLOGGER: Clari Farkash. TIPS on S/S12 Fashion and Style for Dresses

First guest blogger ever on Binzento Vincente!!! :) 

Meet Clari Farkash, a fashion designer from Philadelphia USA.
Bio: Clari Farkash is the designer of the Clarisse line of prom dressesshort dresses and homecoming dresses for Clarisse dresses have been worn by such celebrities as Miss Galaxy International and Miss Teen Galaxy UK. has been selling prom dresses and formal gowns from America's top designers for over 25 years.

Spring and Summer 2012 Trends for Dresses

I like wearing berets, furs, and knee-high Italian leather boots as much as the next fashionista, but lately I’ve been lusting for warmer weather, bright Pucci prints, cat-eye, Chanel sunglasses, raspberry margaritas, and, most importantly, wearing dresses without tights. Lucky for me, spring is right around the corner and I’m already thinking of dresses that will incorporate the spring/summer 2012 runway trends.

Prints and Patterns

Plaids, polka dots, paisleys, oh my! This season, bright prints simply littered the runway. Designers like Mary Katrantzou show us how to wear prints from top to bottom, without looking like a psychedelic train-wreck. Channel your inner Malibu-Barbie by incorporating Hawaiian prints and themes into your dresses this spring. 

Tribal Accessories

Accent your brightly colored dresses with equally wild and crazy bangles and clutches. Missoni’s tribal bags can be paired with almost any print, their brown leather and metallic details serving as neutrals. Michael Kors’ necklaces and safari bags show us how to temper tribal accents with safari-khaki basics.

After New Years and holiday parties, you may have thought metallic season was over. Not so fast. Metallics are back with a vengeance, appearing in ready-to-wear shows like Herve Leger by Max Azria. Instead of donning the sometimes tricky golds and silvers of the runway, shoot for more subtle shades of champagne and bronze for your dresses.

If you’re ready to bare your legs and throw on a floppy, straw hat, just be patient and spring will come before you know it. For now, I guess we’ll have to stick to daydreaming about flouncy frocks in Hawaiian prints until the sun comes out again.

words by Clari Farkash.
dresses by Clari Farkash

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Fashion Stylist Jennie Lyle/ R-Clash Talent Awards

First things first, THE YEAR OF THE DRAGON has begun. Binzento Vincente wishes everyone a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!

Next my fashion stylist friend Jennie Lyle recently participated a local shopping centre fashion styling competition. The theme of the style is called "The Death of Winter". To make this competition more challenging for our stylists, the fashion outlook MUST incorporate a garden hose into the style. Here is what Jennie Lyle came out with:

I REALLY love this look (honest opinion), and think she deserves to win. Jennie was sharp with her choice of colour combination, style, and the use of the green garden hose. It looked fun, fresh and totally in tune with the latest vibrant colour trend this season. The model magically worked well with this style. The hair and make-up was also beautifully done. Therefore, I decided to ask my readers here to vote for Jennie Lyle for styling the Best LOOK before January 25th. 

Binzento Vincente attended one of the most dynamic and multi-cultural music events this weekend called R-Clash Talent Awards. Created by YYC music production company: CZ Entertainment and partnered with Hong Kong Student Association (HKSA), R-Clash (also known as Rhythmic Clash) Awards is a platform for local musicians to present their passion for music and talent to their fans and audience. 
A total of 15 music "units" were selected in the final round, which consisted both solo artists and music bands. The MCs of the night were OMNI TV's Brian Wong and Jenny Yu. There was a panel of four music professionals as judges to give each finalist music advice. The judges were: former Canadian Idol and rocker Billy Klippert, Asia's record producer Max Chou who produced records for top Asian artists such as Jay Chou, Canadian hip hop artist MC J-Ross and vocal coach Deanna Dubbin who was known for her cover of the 1988 Winter Olympic theme song. The winner of the awards were seleccted via live audience votes. Four awards were given based on Techniques, Performance, Creativity and Fans' favourite. 
Judges: Billy Klippert, Max Chou, MC J-Ross and Deanna Dubbin

Founder of CZ Entertainment Jay Cz

OMNI TV's Brian Wong & Jenny Yu

My personal picked of the night was Pearl Reckless, a punk/rock band that had a great energy. Despite a technique difficulty with the microphone early on in their performance, they recovered it professionally and won the crowds' hearts. 
My most favourite performance of the night was song writer/singer Annika Odegard, who sang her original piece "Nothing But the Blues". I love jazz/souls, she won my vote not only because of her stunning vocal and song writing ability. She was able to execute an unique personal style that will be remembered by many.

What intrigued me about R-Clash Talent Awards was the humble welcome of musicians from various backgrounds, music genre and languages. It truly represents the multi-culturalism of our Canadian culture and showed what it means when "music is the universal communication that breaks the language barrier".

FINALLY the website for the viral "I've Been Bullied" Campaign by White Cedar is finally up! Help, educate and support to recognize bullying issues in our community! Binzento Vincente supports "I've Been Bullied" Campaign.

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Binzento's TOP 3's: Blogger Edition

Being somewhat new to the blogging business, setting Binzento Vincente a part from other blogs and able to create an independent "Binzento" style is important. On the other hand however, I find it also significant for me to learn a few things from successful local and international blogs. 

From being absolutely clueless about blogging, to finally establishing Binzento Vincente in Summer 2011. I owe a few thanks to the following bloggers. Reading their blogs gave me inspiration, and it's admiring to see how each of them displays a unique style of writing, taste and interest. Here is my little 2011 last quarter TOP 3 picks: Blogger Edition: I) International Fashion Bloggers II) Local Fashion Bloggers III) Lifestyle Bloggers

TOP 3 Picks: International Fashion Bloggers

1) Chiara Ferragni (The Blonde Salad) - The girl with all the high fashion street style
Chiara Ferragni 
Photo source: "The Blonde Salad"

Italian blogger Chiara Ferragni lauched "The Blonde Salad" in 2009. With all her breath-taking street style inspiration, "The Blonde Salad" immediately became a big hit. Chiara was named by the New York Times: "Biggest Breakout Street-style Star of the Year (2009)". "The Blonde Salad" success have landed Chiara major collaboration opportunities with big fashion house such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, Mango and Kenzo. Chiara also launched her very own shoe line: Chiara Ferragni. As of recent, "The Blonde Salad" ranked #26 as the most influential fashion blog in the world by

2) Pelayo Diaz aka Prince Pelayo (Kate Loves Me) - The boy that stimulates your men's fashion senses
Prince Pelyao
Photo source: "Kate Loves Me"

Blogger since 2007, Pelayo exhibited some of the most stunning men's fashion style ideas to his readers. Based from London, Pelayo's fashion instincts + good looks makes him look good in almost anything.  He quickly became one of my favourite bloggers to follow in 2011. "Kate Loves Me" blog was more of an inspirational blog for me though. Reading "Kate Loves Me" often triggers my creativity side of my brain dramatically :)

3) Ryoko Otsuka (Ryoko Otsuka Official Blog) - The girl who gets the best of both Western and Eastern fashions
Ryoko Otsuka
Photo source: Ryoko Otsuka Official Blog
To keep up with my love of Japanese fashion, Ryoko's official fashion blog is my source. Aside from her regular fashion inspiration. Ryoko is one of ELLE girl Japan's official bloggers. I find Ryoko loves to blend 60's fashion style and give it a little twist with modern Japanese flare. When Binzento asked Ryoko what was her most memorable moments of 2011, she replied with a sentimental answer: "大切な人の笑顔と涙" - "The smiles and tears of loved ones". Much ❤.

TOP 3 Picks: Local (YYC) Fashion Bloggers

1) Ania B (Ania B Blog) - The girl who is dangerously stylish
Ania B 
Photo courtesy: "Ania B Blog"
The first YYC fashion blogger I've been reading is Ania B, who was previously featured in Binzento Vincente's "Real People with Real Styles". Ania always amazes me with her photos. A fashion model herself, she has no trouble posing for beautiful photos. What surprises me the most though, she also does photography. Ania B blog is not only about street style and fashion behind the manipulated camera angles. It's also about everyday life runway, featuring people she finds interesting. Her blog shed lights to the potential growth of young fashion talents in YYC.

2) Amy Nelson (Amy Flying Kite) - The girl that made vintage rock!
Amy Nelson
Photo courtesy: "Amy Flying Kite"
Like vintage looks? Then like "Amy Flying Kite". She's got it all, in that matter. Her vintage styles are very creative. I actually didn't start reading Amy's blog until I met her personally at one of the YYC events in November 2011. Her blog and photo inspiration never fail to give me the sense of "LOVE & PEACE & HOPE". I am almost confident to say that there is no comparison in this city to her bohemian style blog and idea.

3) KD Faustino (The Girl With The Messy Hair) - The girl who really doesn't have the messy hair :)
KD Faustino
Photo courtesy: "The Girl With The Messy Hair"
Anyone who reads local fashion blog will know "The Girl With The Messy Hair" - KD Faustino. Binzento Vincente was invited to guest blog for her in October 2011 and it was a great expereince. :) Infiltrated the YYC fashion blogging scene from the Philippines last year, "The Girl With The Messy Hair" was quickly named one of fifteen fashion blog to follow by "The Girl With The Messy Hair" has always been a high profile fashion style blog in YYC. I believe simplicity is one of the key elements to "The Girl With The Messy Hair" success. KD recently also won the Model Muse competition hosted by Holt Renfrew Canada. Keep it up KD! xx

TOP 3 Picks: Lifestyle Bloggers

1) Jasmine Webber (DRESS ME BLOG) - The girl who is a collaborator of Binzento Vincente
Jasmine Webber
Photo courtesy: "DRESS ME BLOG"
I love DRESS ME BLOG. She brings me back to my home (Hong Kong). Jasmine Webber is an European fashion styling girl who migrated to Asia few years ago. Her blog features fashion news, designers (both local and international), and art shows that I dearly miss when I was in Hong Kong. DRESS ME BLOG will be collaborating with Binzento Vincente this month. Be sure to look out for it :). OHHH did I mention? Jasmine is selected as 1 of 25 worldwide bloggers by Marie Claire Magazine and nominated for the "Blog Twitter Awards". 

2) Ryan Massel (Mr. Fabulous) - The boy who is fabulously witty!
Ryan Massel
Photo courtesy: "Mr. Fabulous"
Just how fabulous is Ryan Massel - The Mr. Fabulous? All I can say is, you won't be disappointed. I found myself getting to know Ryan better on a personal level recently. One of the biggest similarities between Mr. Fab and Binzento is that We are both WORKAHOLICS! I like how Mr. Fabulous is bold and original. Opinions are from the bottom of his heart and truthful. Need an advice on a purchase? Ask Ryan and listen to what he thinks, he will give you the most honest opinion with a witty twist (in a good and funny way) :)

3) Miss Fong (Miss Fong in Hong Kong) - The girl who is the most mysterious blogger ever
Miss Fong?
Photo Courtesy: "Miss Fong From Hong Kong"

Miss Fong - I don't even know her real name - is a mysterious lady whose blog I stumbled across by accident. Her blog retells her daily encounters, and her critique on the specific situation. I always get a good laugh reading her posts, and not embarrassed to pass them along to my colleagues so that THEY can have a good laugh on their lousy work day. Her sense of humour is what makes her blog attractive. Her original cartoons is what makes it lively. Interestingly, as simple as her cartoons looked, I can always paint a vivid picture of her daily experience.

Well there you have it! My TOP 3 lists of blogger picks. Finally, be sure to take a moment to vote for Binzento Vincente in "Canadian Blog Awards" for "2011 Best New Canadian Blog"!!

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