Saturday, December 17, 2011

White Cedar "I've Been Bullied" Campaign

Binzento Vincente visited White Cedar, Catherine Oshanek, for a nice chat at her studio the other day and was invited to be a part of her new found "I've Been Bullied" campaign. Inspired by the concept of the viral NOH8 campaign by Adam Bouska, "I've Been Bullied" is a new White Cedar project to encourage victims to step out and share their "been bulllied" experience. The campaign is also a platform to teach the community and raise awareness of the persistent bullying issue in our society.
Catherine said she's been wanting to express her concerns with bullying issues, and contacted the education board hoping through their support, she can give talks in schools about this topic. Not having a success with receiving their response, she decided to take this matter in her own hands. Utilizing her fashion photography experiencing, she created the "I've Been Bullied" campaign.
Catherine Oshanek on CBC Radio (photo courtesy: White Cedar)

The campaign was an immediate success with massive positive response from the community. Catherine was invited for interviews with several media outlets including the CBC radio. She said that the "I've Been Bullied" campaign is not striving to stop bullying completely, because she believes that sometimes these experiences are things that built our inner strength to become a stronger person. However, she wishes parents, and friends can pay more attention to their children, and peers that may have had been bullied, because emotional support by loved ones is the best medicine for reconciliation. The "I've Been Bullied" campaign is also a good educational tool for younger audience to learn the emotional harm "bullying" may have on people.
Speaking to Catherine, I see the absolute passion she has for fashion photography in her eyes. Prior to being in the fashion photography business for the last three years, she has an impressive resume as a journalism, digital media and PR marketing. Her dedication to "do her best" on her road to success surpassed all the difficulties, such as her diagnosed learning disability, she faced during the process. She believes in being hands-on with her work, from make-up and fashion direction, to photography and final editing, Catherine does them all. Now "White Cedar" photography is well known even in New York. Catherine said the name was derived from one of her childhood dreams, which was to open her own bed-and-breakfast called "White Cedar" one day, and the name was imprinted to her since then. 
Binzento Vincente supports White Cedar "I've Been Bullied"

Binzento Vincente had a really nice afternoon chatting with White Cedar. I wish the continue success of the "I've Been Bullied" campaign and White Cedar photography. I like to also thank White Cedar for inviting me to be a part of the campaign. Perhaps one day, White Cedar Bed and Breakfast will become a reality.

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