Saturday, December 3, 2011

T'was the (Magical) Night at THE CORE


T'was the Night - The official grand opening of the renovated CORE Shopping Centre YYC got to be this city's biggest shopping centre event of 2011. No joke- 7th and 8th Ave were completely congested by traffic that night. I literally had to park my car five blocks away from the centre and walked in the freezing cold to the event. The CORE had the perfect timing to host this event - Christmas Shopping. Many stores were offering generous discounts and reasonable prices to appreciate the CORE celebration. Food and beverage stands were located throughout the centre.
Chantal & Paul Hardy

Highlights of the evening include the red carpet gala, Christmas tree lighting, guest appearance of the notorious "Canadian Gossip Girl" Lainey Lui of Lainey Gossip and CTV's eTalk and also a live performance by the JUNO winning Canadian artist, Chantal Kreviasuk. "All I Can Do" was one of my favourite songs by her, and I was glad she performed that night. Chantal wore a gorgeous piece by Canadian fashion designer, Paul Hardy, which also attended the event. 
At the VIP reception, I got an opportunity to meet and greet Lainey, we spoke about our blogging experiences and suddenly wondered about "why is it that we don't have a National blogger convention?". I think this would be a great idea to bring all the bloggers together to exchange thoughts and perhaps promote collaboration projects, what do you guys think?

Leah Van Loon
Ryan J. Jennings in Harry Rosen & Karla Pospisil

Papyrus paper dresses fashion

with the lovely Diva Lounge

with Mayor Nenshi and Mark Tewksbury 

Other notable guests include Canadian Olympic Gold Metalist, Mark Tewksbury and YYC's very own mayor Naheed Nenshi. Not to forget to mention all my favourite fashion pals: The Calgary Fashion crew, D.W (Fashion Designer), Rupi (The Diva Lounge), Sabrina May, Polina Brener (Polina Fashion Stylist), Odessa Bennett, KD (The Girl With The Messy Hair), Ashley (Lions Lace Lattes), and Ryan (Mr. Fabulous).
Aldona Barutowicz of Swerve Magazine

Binzento Vincente was spotted by few media that day and was complimented on the style (smile). In addition to Calgary Fashion and Avenue Magazine, Swerve Magazine was also one of them :) Thanks to Swerve's "style stalker" Aldona Barutowicz for spotting me and taking my photo.

Speaking of taking photos, Claire Miglionico, an editor of Calgary Fashion featured Binzento Vincente in her latest style post entry!! 
Check it out (click HERE). :) 

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