Sunday, December 11, 2011

Stalking Harajuku/ Tokyo Style - Spotted Bryan Boy

Here's a small blog entry tonight! Binzento Vincente's another correspondent, Andy T is on a small assignment in Tokyo, Japan searching for new fashion inspiration for my blog. During his trip, he stopped by Harajuku, one of the major street fashion districts near Tokyo.
Andy T reporting in Harajuku for Binzento Vincente

Sunday is the best day to stalk around Harajuku, since many youngsters would come out on this particular day of the week all "dressed to express" (You can read my previous post about Harajuku HERE). The little blog assignment for my correspondent Andy is to find Lolita girls and Visual Kei boys :). In addition to that, he was told by Binzento Vincente to look for any street-style fashion that catches his eyes. 
Andy strolled around Harajuku St, with minimal Japanese skills, he'd stopped stylish people for photos. Here they are:
We loved how our Japanese fashionistas knew what we wanted. As soon as Andy pull his camera out, they posed! We also loved how they heavily promote fashion individualism while creating an uniform Japanese culture. ❤ ♡ ❤ KAWAII❤ ♡ ❤ <-- (cute in Japanese)
We gotta love our iPhones! Andy and I were live streaming, browsing Harajuku St for stylish people and suddenly, we spotted, celebrity fashion blogger: BRYAN BOY! Bryan Boy was in Tokyo for the Tokyo S/S12 Prada Fashion Show. He was with the lovely Rumi. What a surprise! A pleasant one of course :)
Rumi from Fashiontoast & Bryan Boy

Thank you Bryan Boy and Rumi for posing, Aisiteru (愛しています)! <-- love

I miss Japan, how I wish I am on this assignment! Andy will be heading to Ginza and Shinjuku next~ After that, he'll be flying to Taipei! :) He will continue to correspond for Binzento Vincente in his Asia tour~ Stayed tune!

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