Sunday, December 18, 2011

Proj Leap of Faith: hollymacaroni Stuart Chen x Flesh Imp Collaboration

Flesh Imp is a Singapore based street wear label, which I have been followed since my high school days… say in the early 2000's :). The brand was found by the dynamic duo Vincent and Nicholas who both boldly connects music and style into their fashion designs. Their philosophy of "style independence" have attracted global labels, such as Adidas, Hypebeast, and G-Shock Casio for collaborations (Stay tuned for more on their upcoming feature in Binzento Finds…).
Recently, they have also collaborated with studio hollymacaroni's Stuart Chen, a diverse photo/videographer from Singapore to create Proj Leap of Faith
Watch the video of Proj Leap of Faith

The Proj Leap of Faith is a support of local Singaporean talents, utilizing 100% local crews in fashion, modelling and photography. Their focus is to show the vibrant, colourful accent and bold graphics in Flesh Imp's latest seasonal collection. 
"For the mens collection, we are looking at preppy shirt, combination street smarts with ballroom grandeur, without the stiff upper lip. Prints also take on the quirky side, but tucked on the slimmer Flesh Imp 'soft-feel' tee. For the ladies collection, we also take on the same approach of elegant dresses, with a quirky twist." said Nicholas of Flesh Imp.
The project was completed and released on December 17th. Photo/videographer Stuart Chen said: "The concept behind this (photoshoot) film is that runway, it does not necessarily only happen on a grand stage of a mall or ballroom, but it can actually take place in our day-to-day lives as well". He added: "'Fashion', should not be something unreachable; but it is about being part of our lives".
Binzento Vincente is all about support up and coming talents. Stuart Chen have placed a great deal of creativity and vision into the Proj Leap of Faith. Flesh Imp newest street wear collection continued to leap into the "independent style" statement, which  faithfully exert the energy style they'd envisioned.

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