Wednesday, December 7, 2011

John Fluevog - Creativity Beyond Imagination

Fluevog's new Men's German leather heels

John Fluevog opened its Calgary store since early July, and Binzento Vincente had blogged about it. If you haven't been to John Fluevog recently, then its definitely worth a visit. The Fluevog Museum located in the 2nd floor and Fluevog Creative Gallery (The Peanut Gallery) located in the basement of the store are finally opened to the public.
As the name implies, Fluevog Museum consists of the history and series of most memorable moments of John Fluevog and his shoe label. It showcased a collection of featured John Fluevog signature shoes and stories behind them. The space is also provided to the public to sit and enjoy themselves while shopping at the John Fluevog store. All the shoes there in the museum are eye candies for me :) It's amazing how 40-years of Fluevog history are told behind a glass showcase.
Mr. Fluevog and his family were also at the opening party. It was a pleasure to be able to sit down with Mr. Fluevog and chat with him, and to get to know more about the "evolution of Fluevog". He also mentioned that he is "still very hands-on" with the work and design of Fluevog shoes despite of a tremendously helpful creative team.
John Fluevog and his family visits the Calgary Fluevog store

In addition to the Fluevog Museum, the The Peanut Gallery is another space that will fulfill anyone's creative hunger. Fluevog hosts art competition on a regular basis, where Fluevog fans can create a piece that represents Fluevog, with a taste of their own imagination. Many of the contest participants' work were displayed in the Fluevog creative space. This year's winner was actually from Calgary! Congratulations!
The YYC Fluevog team

 John Fluevog and Binzento Vincente

Fluevog has expanded from a shoe brand to a supporter of Canadian art and culture. I am proud of Fluevog in that sense, and wish it will continue to explore more creative elements to promote Canadian art to the rest of the world.

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