Monday, December 26, 2011

Diamonds are Everyone's Best Friend - Diamond Boutique

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas because I certainly did. :) Not that I had anything exciting to do, but relaxing at home with no plans, no schedule, just spending a good time with family was all I wished for. My sister and I ordered sushi from Misai Sushi as our little family non-traditional Christmas dinner, accompanied by a good bottle of California Napa Valley red wine. I actually don't remember when was the last time our family sat down together for Christmas dinner since I am always on-the-go. Maybe because I am becoming older, I feel the blessings and importance of having family time on special occasion. 
Lots happened before Christmas, but I was so busy with work and haven't had the time to record them here on Binzento Vincente. :) The month of December is an eye opener month for me, mainly because I'd met so many wonderful and talented people (artists, designers, photographers and fashion entrepreneurs) here in YYC. Now that I am on a semi-Christmas/ New Years break, I am going to share with my readers over the next few days.
Efrat and Dror Lahav

Binzento Vincente was invited to Diamond Boutique first year anniversary party. Like Marilyn Monroe sang: "diamonds are a girl's best friend", so which lady (or gentleman) doesn't want diamonds for a holiday gift? Owners of Diamond BoutiqueDror and Efrat Lahav, have worked diligently with the international diamonds industry and are well connected to find these stunning gems. With their expertise, they are able to offer affordable fine jewelries, which range as low as between $90-$200, while providing top notch service to their clients.
In addition to diamond accessories, the store also launched a new line of silver jewelry, Officina Del Tempo watches and, pearl products. My favourite got to be the black pearl studs and necklace, which I still need to find time to head down there for them soon! Diamond Boutique also offers custom made jewelry services for people who love exquisite one of a kind piece. 
Calgary Fashion Chief Editor: Kimlee

Blogger: Mr. Fabulous

It was a great night meeting new people and jewelry experts. Binzento Vincente is always thrilled to see familiar faces like stylist Polina Brener, Kim Flanagan, Domingo Lumanog, the Calgary Fashion team, blogger Mr. Fabulous. I like to thank Dror and Efrat for their wonderful hospitality and Jason Krell for the invitation. Although I don't believe "diamonds are forever", I do agree with Diamond Boutique's philosophy: "where emotion is invested, value (will definitely) follows". Why not go there and see it for yourself (Boxing Day perhaps?) :)

Diamond Boutique: 

Finally, I recently wrote an article about Niche handbags for Bling Borrowers. You can read it here:

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