Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Calgarians Bring Fashion Part I - Nuage 9 & ElectroFur

I have decided to do a three part mini-series of home-grown Calgary based fashion and art designers who has the passion and creativity to establish a true Calgarian culture. Let me introduce to my readers: Nuage 9 Handbags and ElectroFur Creations

Nuage 9 Handbags
Although Nuage 9 began creating custom made handbags for fashionistas about two years ago, it is not until recently Binzento Vincente met owner Hina Haq and her line of handbags. Hina started her handbag business by bringing imported leather and rhinestones decorated clutches to her friends and family. Due to the growing popularity for her handcrafted goods, Hina decided to expand further into a wholesale business. "Nuage" - translated from French to English meaning "Cloud" is a concept hoping to bring clients an attraction to Hina's handbags, and feel enlightened by these delicate works of art. 
Being in the middle eastern background, Hina said that she is "one of pioneers" to bring her home country style of handbags to YYC audience. With a team of designers and craftsman back home, here in Canada Hina also said that she is also very hands on as the "creative director" behind Nuage 9 handbag designs. I find many of her handbags are very architectural inspired, and very focused with defined shapes. Many are outlined with elegant Swarovski and Austrian crystals. Handbag prices range from $40-$400, to accommodate affordability.
Recently, Hina also started a new line of top hats as well. She said it is still in the trial of testing her designs with hats, but from what I've seen so far, they are looking dashing good.
Nuage 9's Hina Haq

ElectroFur Creation
Similar to Nuage 9, ElectroFur is also something I came across recently. It began one day my Facebook friends started to "LIKE" ElectroFur, and advertisement kept popping up on my sidebar. It is not until I finally "met" ElectroFur and found that it is actually local Calgary based. Owners David and Nene created these unique one of a kind "glowing fur" fashion, a novel concept which I haven't heard of. It may sounds a little crazy, but these ElectroFur coats, hats, and scarfs are extremely fun. The glowing affects are battery run, which the creators took approximately 4 years to perfect the science of integrating flexible neon lighting hand woven through the fur.
Don't worry animal activists, ElectroFur uses faux fur materials and are 100% handmade in Canada, which is something I am extremely proud of. I especially like the leopard prints "glowing fur hats", it is something of a current trend in Japan for the last couple years. I couldn't help but to purchase one of them for fun.
Binzento Vincente wears ElectroFur

ElectroFur concept promote "be who you want". The illumination of the fur garments catches everyone's eyes at parties or music festivals. They are definitely something to keep fashionistas happy even in the dark.. waaaaay better than glow sticks.

ElectroFur Creations website: http://www.electrofur.com/

photos courtesy: Binzento Vincente, Nuage 9, ElectroFur 

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