Friday, November 18, 2011

The Vintage Glam

I know it's a bit late, but how did everyone spent their 11/11/11? Doesn't matter if you didn't do anything special…I mean really, it's just another day. I heard more than 6,000 couples were getting married on this "once in a life time" moment in Las Vegas. Then I'm thinking if somebody comes up to me ten years later and tells me that him/her spouse got married on Nov. 11th 2011, I probably could care less, smile and nod. Cool thing though, it's the best gimmick to throw an event regardless, especially if it falls during the weekend. I was invited to several places that night, and I attended The Vintage Glam.
Designer Marsina King for MaNoKin Design

With KD and Bano & eeMee Aleem Arif
(photo courtesy: KD)

Aleem Arif of Bano & eeMee and Marsina King of MaNoKin Deisgn, along with Cherry Chic Designs and Pout Clothing hosted The Vintage Glam Fashion Party at the Sociale Bar on 11/11/11. The event was more of a meet-and-greet of the designers' current collection to friends and general audience. 
"The Vintage Glam" as the name implied, retro 60's, 70's and 80's style were expected. I hung out with my blogger buddies KD (The Girl With The Messy Hair), Karolina (Karolina's Style), and the Insert Calgary girls. Stylish photographer/ friend Fela of Fela Photography and her husband were there as well. It's always nice to see familiar faces at fashion event, like Sabrina May and a new friend: Jolene Stillinger of Date Jolene since I'm usually a hermit during my work days. 
All four designers' collections were spot on in terms of colour schemes. MaNoKin Design coordinated well with her fall trend, blending in the use of fur, very chic. I particularly liked Bano & eeMee's emerald green one-piece outfit, matching a handbag provided by Niche. This piece in my opinion, was the most "Vintage Glam" piece of the night. The style was elegant, and in turn emphasize the retro hair/make-up style on the model.
Despite of couple technical difficulties during the event. I didn't mind it all that much because supporting local designers, and catching up with some of my friends there were all that it matters.

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  1. Such a fun night! Always love spending time with you! Agree 100% with the Bano and eeMee jumpsuit!

  2. Yes! I don't see you often these days, but when I do, it's always good! ;)