Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Uptown 17 Fashion & Food Week 1 - Gallery on 17th @ Tubby Dog

Every Sunday in the month of November, Uptown 17 YYC is hosting a "Fashion & Food" night where clothing retailers and restaurants on 17 Ave work hand-in-hand to promote the tastefulness of fashion and food on the block. First up this week we have Gallery on 17th and Tubby Dog
Gallery on 17th, almost like an older brother shop of Understudy on 1st Street, offers funky street fashion for both ladies and guys. You can find clothing, shoes and accessories; Labels such as Black Bear, Herschel, Native, Primitive and more… The boutique also carries artwork by independent artists. Fresh, affordable and stylish, Gallery on 17th is one stop not to be missed if you are looking for unique street-wear in town. Models from Mode Models wore some of the current collection from the boutique that night.

This week's feature restaurant: Tubby Dog, a diner style hot dog joint that opens late. The restaurant has a total retro-70's 80's vibe. Just how many ways you can eat a hot dog? Just check their menu! :) Customize the toppings to your likings. I am glad they have a veggie dog for a vegetarian like myself, and deep friend yams. Finish off with an iced cold beer. Heavenly comfort food.
Tubby Dogs (Top left to Bottom right): "The Pete"; "Redbarron"; "Jack Tripper"; "Smokey Smith"

Jordan Reimer and Ania B

Special thanks to make-up artist Jordan Reimer for the invite and pleasure to finally meet stylist/organizer of the event Leah Van Loon. For more info with the upcoming shows for the rest of November, scroll down to my last blog post on upcoming events or click HERE for details.

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