Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Brush With Death - A Fashionable Scream/ Bougie Magazine Article and Upcoming Events

I've been slow with blog posts these days because of family visits :), which left me LOTS to talk about and updates to my lovely readers :) Here goes..

Elle, one of our beloved Calgary Fashion contributors invited Binzento Vincente to a local magic show called "A Brush With Death" at the Lolita Lounge, Inglewood last week.  Since my family visited me from Hong Kong, I thought it would be nice to bring them along for a little entertainment. 
A seasonal magic show hosted by the local magician Yeats Wong, "A Brush With Death" is magic extravaganza with a hint of morbid comedy. I previously did a little preview interview with Yeats Wong for Alberta Report on Fairchild Television :) He recorded it on TV and posted on YouTube (Note: The show was in Chinese (Cantonese) language but the interview with Yeats was in English :p).
Binzento Vincente interviewing Yeats Wong: "A Brush With Death" on Alberta Report, Fairchild TV (Oct. 11th)

This was actually my second attendance to this magic show. In conjunction with the Halloween, this season's "A Brush With Death" was darker, bloodier and "SCARIER" :) The performers of the night include TriXtan, Ryan Pilling, our host Yeats Wong, and of course, every magic show has a "magic assistant", "A Brush With Death" has Gwyn Auger
Fashionista are everywhere at "A Brush With Death"
Binzento Vincente with the "A Brush With Death" plush toy

Arm chopping, fingers cutting, and head slicing in a wooden box, though are all just magic tricks, the realness of the performance made me cringed a few times. The guys AND gal did an excellent job keeping the crowd excited throughout the night. There were certainly a few entertaining and funny moments too!
The Performers (Left to Right): Ryan, Gwyn, Yeats, Elle and TriXtan

The next season's "A Brush With Death" show will be in early 2012. Anyone who is looking for something to do on a weekend night, or maybe a "first date" suggestion (if you are ready to man-it-up for the ladies), def check out the "A Brush With Death". 

"A Brush With Death" show and info: http://brushwithdeath.ca/


I recently wrote an article for a Chicago/ Los Angeles/ Houston based magazine called: Bougie! Editor and Chief of Bougie Magazine: Angela Reed was kind enough to invite me to write an article on the topic of Evolution in Fashion for their recently published issue. Also proud to say that I am their first "international" contributor! :)
Being a huge supporter of local/Canadian fashion, I decided to mention one of the fashion events I went to at the time: Fabricated in the article. N.R.T Fashions, Chi Chi Courture…YYC based designers were mentioned in this US digital magazine :)
Bougie also made a FULL PAGE spread of Binzento Vincente in this current issue!! THANK YOU Bougie!

(3) Upcoming Events

Busy November month indeed!! Here are the upcoming events you may find Binzento Vincente

November 10th: ARTwear 2011

November 11th: The Vintage Glam

November 11th 2011: ||11/11/11||11:11:11||

November 12th: Park Emerging Designer Forum

November 25th: Designer Shopping Party

Also, Uptown 17 Calgary will host Fashion Show Event in our favourite restaurants every Sunday in the month of November! The idea is to combine the energy of both fashion and food 17th Ave offers, and promote to our locals and visitors what these establishments offer. I already went to the November 6th event which showcased clothing from The Gallery on 17th in YYC unique hot dog resto: Tubby Dog. I will be posting that blog entry next. Here are the times and locations for the upcoming "Fashion and Food" events:

Nov 13th - 7:30pm
Dick & Jane at The Ship and Anchor

Nov 20th - 7:30pm
Primitive at Borgo

Nov 27th - 7:30pm

Leo Boutique at Ox & Angela

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