Thursday, October 6, 2011

"Vida en Color" - Photography work by Fela Dales

I find that you can not truly understand artists unless you spend time making conversations about their work with them. This holds true meeting photographer Fela Dales (Fela Photography). 
Binzento Vincente was invited to Fela's solo photography work: "Vida en Color", which was at the Cafe Koi. This exhibition combines both black & white and color photo prints. Fela came to Canada from Colombia 4 years ago. She was especially inspired by the diverse cultures in Canada. Her photography style was all about "capturing the interesting spontaneous moment". Each photo in "Vida en Color" tells a story about Fela's experience from her home to a foreign country; from one destination to another. Binzento Vincente thought it would be a good time to do the vlog moment with the photographer. Fela explains about her work and the vlog (though not the best quality :p), you can enjoy some of the photography work I saw at the event:
Music in the background: "Fantastic World" and "Last Smile" - LOVE PSYCHEDELICO
Special thanks to Odessa Bennett for holding my camera :p

Talking to Fela gave me better insight about her work. I'd always known that she's a photographer, but have never really had the chance to speak with her about them. Thank you Fela for the opportunity. I can't wait to see your next batch of photography collection: Fashion Editorial (My Favourite! :))
A Group Photo Binzento Vincente, Fela and lovely friends
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  1. Wow Vince, this blog post is amazing and the exhibition looks so pretty on your video! Hahaha! Thank you so much for coming and for all the support you have giving me.
    You really do an amazing job with your blog :)

  2. You are welcome. You work deserves a recognition :)

    Binzento Vincente

  3. you are lucky to meet talented people :)
    cheers to your blog!
    xoxo, Haus of Gala