Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sophia Models International Fall Luxe Fashion Show/ Eveline Charles Academy Vidal Sassoon Documentary. Go CORE Go!

It's been a (HOT & COOL) 2 days @
The CORE Shopping Centre YYC,
because there was a HOT Sophia Models International Fall Luxe Fashion Show, and an extremely COOL Vidal Sassoon documentary screening at the Eveline Charles Academy.  

Sophia Models International Fall Luxe Fashion Show:
Sophia Models teamed up with the major designer clothing stores at The Core hosted a Fall 2011 fashion show, which showcased pretty much clothing and accessories you can pick up at the shopping centre. 
I will admit that I had no expectation when I decided to attend the show, since I am not exactly fond with boutique stores runway. However, Sophia Models did a great job, the routine was organized (no dead-time in between) and I actually found it enjoyable. It attracted many people during the busy lunch hour (12-1pm) to stand around and watch the entire runway show. 
Ania B
In particular, model Ania B was absolutely gorgeous and professional, she brought herself an unique character that was distinct from the rest of the models. The fashion show contained both women's and men's wear from current collections carried by H&M, BCBG Max Azria, Banana Republic, Harry Rosen, Judith & Charles, Holt Renfrew, Boutique of Leathers and Town Shoes.
The show lasted about 30 min. The Core also announced the winner of a Media contest, the money prize goes to the participant's charity of choice.

Vidal Sassoon Documentary Screening at Eveline Charles Academy:
Here was a COOL event that I didn't want to miss out. 
Eveline Charles Academy opened its Calgary location this year. It is one of the largest hair/beauty schools in North America. Began in Edmonton 2005, then Vancouver 2010, and now in Calgary, the 10 000+ sq ft. space located at The Core gives people who are interested an opportunity the education and certification required for the hair-and-beauty industry. In addition to working with NAIT, Eveline Charles is also the only academy in Canada that is in partnership with Vidal Sassoon and the given credential is recognized by 38 countries around the world. Many guests attended the screening of the Vidal Sassoon documentary, and employees at Eveline Charles opened its doors and gave us a mini tour of the new Academy.

The Vidal Sassoon documentary was inspirational and insightful. It followed closely the life of Vidal Sassoon, and how he became one of the most influential hairstylists in history. I learned from Vidal that life is full of challenges and struggles. In order to succeed, one must not be afraid of failure, and take his/her chance when the timing is right. 
Evelyn Charles herself was also at the screening. Though it was a brief meeting, Evelyn was very friendly lady and full of charisma.
Binzento Vincente and Eveline Charles

Mr. Fabulous & Eveline Charles
President of EC: Lina Heath & Domingo

Thank you Eveline Charles Academy and also Jacqueline Tyler for the invite. Binzento Vincente look forward to meeting EC again very soon!

With the numerous response of my first vlog moment posted in the last blog entry and also my personal style blog on "The Girl With The Messy Hair", Binzento Vincente decided will continue on these requests :) Also, a major maajor collaboration is on the way (can't give you guys too much details yet, don't wanna spoil) soooo...Stay tuned! :))

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