Wednesday, October 12, 2011

KO Art Show @ Studio Intent/ D.W Upcoming Vancouver Fashion Week

KO Art Show at Studio Intent, Art Central

I hope everyone had a great weekend (a fabulous Canadian Thanksgiving weekend if you are in Canada). Binzento Vincente here didn't do much though; the extra holiday last weekend was the long waited time to re-energize myself. Well now I am ready to go back on track and back on my blog! :) So last Thursday I went and supported my blog correspondent KO's mini-art show held at Studio Intent in Art Central. What a cozy venue to host such a friendly event. Similar to her last show, KO displayed some of her Japanese inspired Anato-moto paintings as well as some of her new pop trendy artwork (which I adored). I suggest KO to print these pop-art pieces on T-shirts or even accessories. (Big hit, at least for me for sure <3)
KO and Binzento Vincente

Pocky sticks, Sapporo beer, Japanese bubbly champaign and delicious sushi from Globefish accommodated all the guests. What makes it even better was we could shop or admire the high quality Canadian designed fashions in Studio Intent

D.W in Vancouver Fashion Week

I am excited to extend the news that our very own YYC designer Daryl White of D.W will be debuting his new collection "vauxdeux" in the upcoming Spring/Summer 2012 Vancouver Fashion Week. D.W have only been in the fashion industry since 2010, but his unique visual designs and hard work towards promoting the brand within the community drove him to rapid success. Below is a small preview of the new "vauxdeux" collection. Binzento Vincente is liking what he's seeing so far. It is something along my taste and I really can't wait to see the rest of Daryl's collection.
On Friday night, I spent a lovely dinner with my dearest and biggest Binzento Vincente supporter Andrew T. and fashion blogger Rupi from The Diva Lounge at Without Papers Pizza/Wine Bar
mmm Garden Pizza with pineapples :p

Diva Lounge will help organize the Bollywood Fashion Show on October 21st. I've never been to a Bollywood fashion show before and no doubt I will be there~ :)
Finally, check out my latest "Real People with Real Styles" (click HERE) feature. This week is a superb stylish hairstylist from the U.K.

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